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Title: Roulette vs Roulette
Post by: Sullivan on August 29, 2016, 05:53:35 PM
Had an idea coming from reading about betting against certain dozen patterns.

Has anyone ever tried to play a roulette game against another roulette game? One playing real money and another one an rng like RX or random.org., against each other  ;D

Here's the idea:

You use RX/any RNG/ real spins data and spin three times - say you get dozens 322
now you bet the real game that 322 won't appear - flat bet or progression

And you play in sets of 3 mini games, not betting after a win if win is on spin 1or 2, and waiting for the sequence to finish. Then start again.

Fake money: 1-2-3
Real money: 1-3 WIN no bet next spin

Fake money: 312
Real money:  1 Win no bet next two spins

etcetc ..

In a B&M you play the patterns of one table against another table.

Just a thought, has it been tried before? I intend to test this very soon and see what happens, can Random beat itself?

Title: Re: Roulette vs Roulette
Post by: Nathan Detroit on August 29, 2016, 06:25:16 PM
Have fun. Keep testing.
Title: Re: Roulette vs Roulette
Post by: TopPlayer1975 on August 30, 2016, 12:41:28 AM
there are only 2 ways to beat Roulette in long term, one is beating the wheel and the second is beating the dealer.

Nothing else works in long term. All systems are Crap.
Title: Re: Roulette vs Roulette
Post by: Sullivan on August 30, 2016, 07:01:43 PM
If that was true there would be no system at all, not all are bad; people play bad too hehe And to beat the dealer, you're certainly using some kind of system too ;D
Title: Re: Roulette vs Roulette
Post by: TopPlayer1975 on August 31, 2016, 12:41:44 AM
Everybody who plays Roulette loses eventually. No system works.

Beating the dealer is not a system rather a technique called as DS which is a skill
Title: Re: Roulette vs Roulette
Post by: Sullivan on September 08, 2016, 07:27:42 PM
So I've tested a bit this idea of mine, I'm playing on RX loading spins from real a Casino in Dortmund and using an online RNG to generate patterns.

Most mini games win on first bet, but eventually as expected the first loss comes about. I'm still debating which way to go next.

So far when that happens I've bet against the next 3 spins not repeating in the next minigame, so if the rng gives 133 and the actual game matches it, I bet 133 won't repeat again. As it turns out, the very first time a loss on the first minigame happened, it was a unique pattern, I think 132; The next real spins gave me that again!  ;D

To recoup the loss I bet the same bet x10 then x5 in the next few minigames; worked everytime but it's risky.

Losses are rare so far but I've only played about 300 spins. Needs more testing, I'll come back with actual figures on about 1-2K spins.

I'll try betting against a brand new pattern after a loss too; I get a first loss on say 122 then I generate a new pattern with the rng and if say 312 comes up I bet against it in the real game.

Then you would only lose if the game matches, twice in a row, a pattern randomly generated by an rng.

Sounds pretty good actually, Little Naive Me thinks  8)

Title: Re: Roulette vs Roulette
Post by: Sullivan on October 02, 2016, 03:15:42 PM
Got myself a new pc so had less time to spend, but I did get to 900 spins (real spins) and never lost a full sequence - twice the same pattern on each game, in a row. 

I've played by sets of 100 spins, 3 bet mini games

I've had however, as expected, matches between the pattern layed by the rng and the real spins, but I've noticed it was nearly always when rng gives a pattern that has a double, like 113, 221 etc ..

I've always recouped with a few spins, or just two, because I've sometimes increased the bets to recoup faster.
This is the weakness of this play: After the first loss, if another match happens while I'm recouping it, it's game over. Because I recoup with 5 or 10 units bets; playing 1 4 13 makes a loss of around 40£ , a progression lost at say 10 30 90 would be very bad. And I'm sure it can/will happen. 

So I'm hitting a wall here, having both games matching at the right time is still quite rare, but the recoup part is to risky. Always works, but too risky.

I've got an idea for a tweak and will test further, any suggestion is welcome  :)