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Title: Arcano 4
Post by: Swarm on September 03, 2008, 06:13:28 AM
Title: Re: Arcano 4
Post by: Swarm on September 03, 2008, 06:36:11 AM

Same as Marcos Ana:

My sin is horrible
I wanted to fill with stars
the hearth of the man

Dialog 1

When you have less than 20 years old nothing look imposible, all is on hand , and nothing can wait, thats why I always when crazy each time he said to me go and do 1000 more.

And of course I when and made the 1000 more.

But we use to do it by hand on that times, we build weird devices and cylinders of wood that match with others

And then I come back with 1000 more....

He look at it like without giving any important sing and then he send me to do 1000 more.....

But what is wrong!!? I use to ask and he answer you will find it by yourself....

And then, it happend like that, all that before look invinsible and perfect start to show big and strong loses, and the balances fall and make dust and with them my ilusion.

Then I will start to fix them and make upgrades , play more or less numbers until I find the new "holy grial" and then I show it to him over the 10 or 15 thousand that I made, and all proud will tell him , I win 0.8 chips each spin!

But he always tell me go and do 1000 more, I argue with him but I always made 1000 more, I come back to him and again 1000 more! an so on until just by myself I lose the charm on my own inventions.

Of course I always make changes again and test 1000 variations, until I find the perfect one , then I go back to him to show him , and he barely look at me and say go and made 1000 more....

While that we when to the casino every night , I was trying to learn , but I never understand nothing, he raise and lose down the bets , some times he just stop and take some whysky 20 minutes later he retake is like the time on the table was stop for him.

Some times he use to tell me now im invisible .... and I never understand him , after I while he just said I come back, just after he hit some straights, and all table start to look at him.

It was almost boring to win everynight but I didnt know how or why.

Then my pride make my try to make better systems to do not be a waste for him , but he never make me feel like that.

Go and do 1000 more....

Then one day I get really mad ,and I face him hard, look Nono , im working as and animal , and each time I come to you with all the tests, you toll me go and do 1000 more, and I dont think you ever look at my work!, you think I work just "al cohete" or like a fool?

-Uy , he get smart, he toll to Pezzutti, one of his friends at the casino

He say it in a way that I belive to understand all....

Then there is no system? , I ask

He really get smart! , he confirm to Pezzutti
Manrique Arcano 4 first part.
Title: Re: Arcano 4
Post by: Swarm on September 04, 2008, 10:31:48 PM
Title: Re: Arcano 4
Post by: Swarm on September 04, 2008, 10:51:13 PM
Dialog 2

-Well then you are going to teach me how to win?

-Im going to help you to learn by yourself.

-Whats the key?

Combat the dispersion, he say

And who we eat that , I ask

The dispersion is what eat you

Your are talking about the sleepers?

No , actually not but a sleepper is a manifestation of a dispersion.
Im talking about events that happend more or less times that the teorical balance say.

Most of the people belive , with wrong logic that the progressions reach to compensate, and with less hits they can compensate the losings betting stronger when they lose. They are misssing something , if losings continue they lose each time more and then when they start winning again they win to little.

Pasport to the failure

-But you talk about Marigny and the ladder progressions on outsides bets

Sure thats good , is a smart way to play against the dispersion , a very soft progression. On outsides play 1 units until you are winning or -7 there you go to 2 units, until you recover and go back with 1 m or bet 3 on -21.

But this is 80 years old and we alredy overcome it 

Who come it get overcome?

Look the game on outsides look simple but is complex because hold a unique payoff (1 to 1)

Playing all over the board you can fix your positions looking at your balance , looking for straighs in the middle of a very high dispersion.

-But I play straights all the time?

-No only when the bets that cover more board lose a lot in a short period

But I watch you play straights all the time

Yes and streets , splits and corners too.....

Yes but almost all the time you play one straight , almost always

-Almost always , we have to leave open the door for the dispersion play on our side.

-Right there I start to understand all the useless that was to look for a system

-Santelli will  help you

-But Santelli is you , how come you talk about Santelli as if was another person?

Because for you im a symbol, and the symbols we put them in the side from the persons.
Arcano 4 Manrique part 2

Title: Re: Arcano 4
Post by: Swarm on September 07, 2008, 04:40:51 AM
Title: Re: Arcano 4
Post by: Swarm on September 07, 2008, 05:05:50 AM
Dialog 3

-And how you choose what you play?

-Whatever is good....(Here he try to say he dont care about choosing something special to play I didnt find a expression to translate the idea right)

-How come whatever ?

-Yes so what.... , play what you play , you will have moments where you will win more than the theoretical balance, and anothers when you will lose more than the theoretical, what it really matters is how much you play on function of how you win or lose. It is chance, remember that.

-But and the biased roulettes? and all that?

-There still some small casinos on colonia and centroamerica , that they still have that old carromatos, but the big -casinos take precautions years ago. Forget about all and focus on what im telling you.

-But and the statistics?

-That is the worse way you can name to win , with maths is impossible.   

-But you know a lot about statistics

-Yes you have to study a lot and then forget about all

-And the law od third and the big numbers, and the Ecarts?

-That is all very cute, but on the action time the capital rule , same as all business

-With the time the cash will become each time more heavy. You want to destroy a country take out the cash from the pockets of the people...

-I dont understand nothing...

-You will

-and what about the symbol?

-With the time you will understand that santelli is a legend that go furter than himself , when you need a friend the nono will show and it will talk equal to equal , it will take a coffe or some drinks , and santelli will go back to the sky where he belong , for you to try to reach him or be better than him of course , the ball do not get dirt ......

Years later a friend repeat that last on front of 40 000 persons , that last that manrique toll him 20 years before on barcelona too.


Last part of  Manrique's Arcano 4
Title: Re: Arcano 4
Post by: kav on September 10, 2009, 08:05:44 PM
This is amazingly interesting.
Thank you very much
Please continue.