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Full Roulette Systems / Re: THE EDS SYSTEM - Created by myself covers 35 numbers
« Last post by SolveitUK on October 18, 2018, 09:12:02 PM »
Here you go,

PDF of the system.

The modified (by myself) version of "The Worlds Safest Roulette System".

Full Roulette Systems / Re: THE EDS SYSTEM - Created by myself covers 35 numbers
« Last post by SolveitUK on October 18, 2018, 08:27:30 PM »
Hi Guys/Gals...

  Last post i added the wagering for the No Zero Table at Betvoyager. I'll now pass on the 1p routine of this
system that can be used on ANY Single Zero Table however bet-voyagers 3rd dozen table limit is 1200 euro and these
progressions are all within that table limit.

Noticed a discrpency in the algorithm on the 5p system 4 so have redone it. (all other systems are fine..!!!)

Please download the corrected version.

Also trying to learn RX Coding, have looked at it a few times and it seemed beyond me but it seems no1 is around with
enough spare time to create scripts for people.

I have tried this before with no success, it's not easy is it but i'm a determined indivual so fingers crossed so i can offer a scripting service.
I will learn on my own EDS System and once accomplished i will let you know.

Dont hold ya breath though, would'nt we all like to be abloe to understand RX Scripting to create our systems.


...any body around..???
Live Roulette Casinos / Re: Are Auto Roulettes rigged?
« Last post by RouletteRoy on October 18, 2018, 03:58:05 PM »
Auto Roulettes is rigged when it needed to and wanted to, but it just not do that all the time.

There is EMV circuit under each 37-38 pocket.

Ball are charged with + or -

Then all pocket are charge with same charge, only one pocket casino want the ball drop are negative charge .

so ball always go into the exact one pocket casino want it to.

why sometime win, when some one bet red 1000$ and you bet dark 1$ , then the dark is win.

This never money from casino, but just the wealthy big bet co better on same table.
Full Roulette Systems / Re: THE EDS SYSTEM - Created by myself covers 35 numbers
« Last post by SolveitUK on October 16, 2018, 09:11:05 PM »

Here you go....

There is both my systems. Run and pass on some feedback please.
Already written an essay then an error occoured so not writing no more because no1 really answers do they lol.

I do not have a pdf version of my modified "worlds safest system" but will work on it, hence link to my site for now.

Please check out my version of "the worlds safest roulette system" and give me some feedback. i've made it bullet proof now.


Full Roulette Systems / Re: THE EDS SYSTEM - Created by myself covers 35 numbers
« Last post by SolveitUK on October 16, 2018, 08:09:54 PM »
Hi Guys/Gals...

  Last post i added the wagering for the No Zero Table at Betvoyager. I'll now pass on the 1p routine of this
system that can be used on ANY Single Zero Table however bet-voyagers 3rd dozen table limit is 1200 euro and these
progressions are all within that table limit.

  IF you wish to use these systems elsewhere then other casion table limits as you know will not be as generous and
therefore you will not be able to go as far with the progressions.

I will just include both the 1p (single zero) and 5p (no zero betvoayger) system algorithms in one doc so dont bother downloading the other.

Its labeled 5p system no zero because at betvoyager they have a no zero table but the minimum bet is 5p.


Share your stuff Guys/Gals. I woulod NEVER dream of selling a system and as soon as i have them i'll pass them on,
I will be adding My Modified wagering algorithm for the roulette system "The Worlds Safest Roulette System" soon and
THATS some system modification i've done to that, what a winning system in itself.

It would more make my day people coming back to me saying they won off my system's.

Casinos cant stop a genuine system so everyone using one could continue to do so. So post your systems.!!

One thing i cant get with is people using systems on guesswork, erm number this came in so thats
coming in blah blah, red came in this that the other so blacks guna do this....  What a load of bollocks people so stop using these systems.

Roulette is pure chance/luck and proberbility thats it, hence my system is worked on true proberbility, the chance of a single or 2 single numbers repeating or coming in together one after the other. this STILL this happens so MY SYSTEM works on taking away as much chance as possible to put the proberbility of winning in the players favour.

My system on betvoyagers NO ZERO table covers ALL numbers BUT ONE. and YOU get to choose from SIX numbers which ONE you will NOT
be covering, So this is a randomly selected number on each session you play that you have to be unlucky enough that not only in THAT session
does a numnber so rarely repeat three times but it happens to be your randomly choosen number.?

Further to this as mentioned in previous post i have les creating a script for me for the EDS System and the uncovered number will be
reandomly choosen between 19-24 on each spin. Just see if that helps put winning in my fav or should i say Not Loosing.!!

The EDS routine i will gladly share... the script how ever i will not sorry,
money has been exchanged for this prvilige and so coin must cross thee hand lol

 FOOD FOR THOUGHT - A good system is a system you can get your starting balance BACK TWICE before you loose. Then you put one back in
to cover the loss and take one as proffit.

Now at betvoyager i have previously mentioned somewhere that on each new session the numbers are new and fresh, not carrying on
from the previous game which helps a whole bunch for short sessions because if your paraniod that a bot get's use to your betting and
so you enevitably loose then this can only be worked out from previous numbers shown to the bot and previous bets to let the bot create a
loosing turn. So i do 15 minute sessions come out and go back in simple as that.

You dont even need to register at betvoyager to play, you can download their software and run it as a guest, you can save bets and test it but
the saved bets i think may dissapear on reload or may not if you are not registered, i'm not sure.? I'm not plugging betvoyager
more that my system is created for there due to their whooping table limits good for progressive betting the no zero table i mean COME ON LOL..!!

I would like to ask apart from Les, who is about for RX scripting.? it seems like a never ending question in the forums by the looks
of things, this spindizzy guy spossed to be the guy to contact but he's done a bunk ages ago. i need scripts creating for these systems to save
Les doing all the work.!!

Do Please give these a test and let me know, I'm not one to say THIS SYSTEM IS IT..!!  no system IS IT,  just trying
to help the gamblers win a little more hehe :-D

I Need Feedback
 I see it's been downloaded so please let me know it's flaws or if it really is as good as i think it is personally.!!

Yours Solvey.!!
Situational / Strategy play / Re: Begginner at roulette
« Last post by SolveitUK on October 14, 2018, 11:50:52 PM »
3 1/2 yr old post your replying to pal.

How ever... i'll have a go at your system if you like, i wont buy it though, i give systems away myself just
posted my own devised system the "EDS" system so go check that out in the "Full Roulette Systems" section
then be kind patheks and share yours with me too (will keep it undisclosed if thats your wish.!!).

Were all brothers and sisters here..!!

Roulette Coding Zone / Re: Need help with this code RX
« Last post by SolveitUK on October 14, 2018, 11:39:40 PM »
Hi Pal...

If thats as far as you can go with your progression covering 10 bets i'd forget it. I've seen it suppass 10 many times.
I've had my program let red or black hit 3 or 4 times before starting to bet and covered over 10 loosing bets and still lost.

If you do get some one to code please let me know, got a few systems myself need doing save me mithering Les.!

Full Roulette Systems / THE EDS SYSTEM - Created by myself covers 35 numbers
« Last post by SolveitUK on October 14, 2018, 07:10:37 PM »
Hi Guys/Gals...

For what i would say nearly a year now on and off i have been modifying the roulette system called
"The Worlds Safest Roulette System".

This system's betting configuation as you may know bets on 1-18 and the 3rd dozen
at the same time until a loss then it started a proggressive betting system to re-coup the loss. The loss
occours when the zero or any of the 6 numbers not covered (19-24) come in, the win occours when you
get two of the other numbers coming in twice in a row.

My EDS System (Evens\Dozens\Singles) is where i got the name to call it, Does exactly that, it bet's on the 1-18
the 3rd dozen and wait for it FIVE of the 7 uncovered numbers (0 + 19-24) So if you are playing on bet voyagers no
zero table then there is ONLY ONE number you will not be covering, on a zero table 2 numbers are not covered.

On a loss i have a 3 progression straight win betting pattern, meaning say we have not covered the number 19 and it
comes in, i progress the betting and bet again, IF the number 19 comes in again Once again i progress the betting a 3rd time.

To loose the unvocered number has to come in 3 times in a row, yes i know i know this can happen for sure BUT at the moment i have
Les doing me a script and in that script he is going to for example the number 19 is uncovered, Next Spin it will be the number 20
that is not covered and the spin after that the number 23 will not be covered (all the time leaving ZERO uncovered, just my preff) and so on
scrolling through the numbers 19-24 so after 6 spins the number 19 will again have its turn to not be covered.

The system bets EVERY SPIN until a loss. Once a loss occours you will leave the loosing number UNCOVERED to lesson the proberbility
of the same number coming in again when we put down a progressive bet (yes again i know any number can come in) we are just reducing
the chance really, there is no sure way to beat roulette we all know this, what we are looking for is a way to Grab and run with least chance of
loosing and come on.... my system covers 35 of 37 numbers - all thats needed is proberbility to be on our side and progressive bets to cover
your loss yes..??

Until this is scripted try bet voyager no zero table, their table limits are phonomenal, 1200 on the 3rd dozen. Plus unlike other casinos you can
store as many custom bets as you like to easily put down your progressive bets.

Progressive systems main factor is the algorithms, by far the hardest part to work out, Try working out the right amount
to put on each bet so that on a win all previous bets are covered AND you've included a small profit for your efforts, this is what i have done
and created several systems with it.

First system is for a straight win... meaning you bet you win you go back to basic bet.
The other systems i have stretched - theres a 2/3 and 4 win system cheaper start balances
more wins needed,

OK The one win system:

basic bet:

BET-1 = 18 units on 1-18
               12 Units on 3rd Dozen
                 1 Unit on 5 of the following numbers 19-24

On Loss.....
BET-2  = 648 Units on 1-18
                432 Units on 3rd Dozen
                  36 Units on 5 of the following numbers 19-24

On Loss....
BET-3  = 23328 units on 1-18
               15552 Units on 3rd Dozen
                1296 Units on 5 of the following numbers 19-24

On a loss = Go To Bed :-/


You have to think that on each spin we are changing the uncovered number to minumise the chances or
a loss with a repeat number. 3 Repeats and we loose, are you unlucky enough to actually have the number
that is going to come in 3 times in a row uncovered at the time.?

I run 15 minute sessions - bet voyagers casinos when you reload them back up start fresh, they do not have the
previous sessions numbers there waiting to carry on until the inevitable happens and thats one thing i like about
bet voyager along with their table limits no matter what others say about it i've had no problems with them playing
for real.

Just cannot wait until i can get this scripted so i dont have to keep changing the uncovered number personally on each spin.

So PLEASE GIVE THIS A GO AND LET ME KNOW your experiences with it. I think playing live for this system would be the best,
getting 3 numbers in a row does happen yes but rare AND is it going to happen to YOUR RANDOMLY CHOOSEN uncovered number.?

Maybe an rgn may work it way to this hence why i only play 15 minute sessions and have NEVER lost, although only played in in the penny mode
due to my balls being a tad small (putting balance in to give it a proper test).

I have all the other variants of this system at hand if anyone is interested and ALSO on the note on "the worlds safest roulette system" that
system came with i think 4 progressions before you lost, i have stretched the algorithm to cover 8 losses for that system if anyone wants that
and NINE loss's with the penny system, so you only need ANY 2 numbers outside of 19-24 to show with 9 chances to win.

Cheers and sorry about the essay... once i start i just cant stop  :-/


p.s if you want a video (in demo mode) of any of these systems putting on my cloud for a gander then let me know because
       i have all the systems already stored.
Roulette Coding Zone / Need help with this code RX
« Last post by abydos on October 13, 2018, 08:29:23 AM »

I need help to put a progression 1,3,7,15,31,63,127,255,511,1023 for this code RX

thank you in advance. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

system "RED/BLACK"
  system to place 1 unit on red/black
method "main"
  While on Each Spin
      Copy Last Red-Black to Record "last red/black" Layout
      put 1 unit on Record "last red/black" Layout
Bet Selection / Simple Outside Bets
« Last post by TopDog on September 27, 2018, 02:41:03 AM »
Hello all. I am new to forum and contemplated posting my system.
First of all I wish to say I no longer gamble with real money as I am an addicted gambler and now choose to only play games with virtual money.

If you wish to use my system with real money try with virtual money first.
I can not be held responsible if you loose using real money.

The basis of system.
1. Most outside bets win in 4 spins. This gives 3 lots of 4 spins.
2. Having 12 even money chances gives high win rate.

Can it fail?
I believe it can and will as almost all systems do.

My testing has only been a thousand or so spins so early days.
However thought if some with more knowledge than myself may be able to tweak it to work.

My experience with roulette has been over last 5 or 6 years trying to win games with virtual money. I have spent many many hours on net and forums etc to try and win.

Now if you have nerves of steel don't read any further as you will be I'll.

So to the system.
1 Pick 1 of out side bets. Red Black or High Low or Odd Even

2. Have a bank roll of 8200 units

3 Start 1 unit win round over.
   Loose 3 units on same position.
   Stay with to win or 4 bets only.
4 If you have not win in 4 bets pick another of outside bets. Stay on it till win or 4 only.

5 If not won in 8 spins go to last outside bet. You now have 4 chances to win.

6 As I play I use Supper Marty. Yes I know. It can't win. That is 1 unit 3  7  15  31  63   etc.

7 For any who do not know bet method. Start with 1 unit loose double add 1 unit till win.

Now to final points.
I believe stay with same for 4 spins. If no win change. Don't go to other side of one used. That is DONT go Red  Even   Black.   DO go Red Even Odd for example.

I run with trend of last spin. So say Low was last spin. I start on low. If loose 4 times and last spin was even. I then bet even for 4 spins or to win. If loose those and last spin was Red I go Red.

In my time trying this I have been only to 9th step 2 or 3 times but most often not past 5th step.

Now with a good bet selection and money management I do think this may have some good to it.

Good luck all. Your Friend John.
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