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Ronjo's district / Hi
« Last post by Ronjo on December 06, 2019, 06:11:48 PM »
Hi Steve, how are you doing? I have noticed things are not the same here anymore,I sent you a message, I didn't want to discuss that problem openly, I will check in again in a few days.

General Board / Re: Holy Grail
« Last post by CryptoLogic on November 17, 2019, 03:41:55 PM »
Risking 1000 units to win 1 unit    (Not Red/Black Martingale System)   System doesn't lose

Would you play it?
NO, it is stupid.
General Board / Re: Holy Grail
« Last post by valvo on November 15, 2019, 11:40:47 PM »
What makes you think this guy has something?
General Board / Re: Holy Grail
« Last post by mr green on November 14, 2019, 10:54:41 AM »
If anyone here really wants to learn professional techniques, contact this guy.

Main Roulette System Board / Re: Roulette is simple
« Last post by Paulo Fernando Costa on November 09, 2019, 12:07:47 PM »
I've been playing roulette machines for quite some time now. And I have tried lots of techniques or so they say" 100% sure winning tricks" but it falls down to nothing... hehehehe...

My advice is to play the game as simple as it is. Be patient enough and don't your emotions take over you.. Like if you are losing 4 to 5 consecutive times, have a break, meaning take a walk, refresh your mind, calm down and start over...

With my experience, i treat my credit/bank roll as number of units, not the amount of money because as you do this, you could easily ruin your game if you think you have bet 80 $ chasing your loss, rather treating it by number of units. I always use the martingale system where I double my next bet after loss. Starting from 500 units, my bet is 5 units. I betting on red/black or, high/low, and even/odd as it gives me 47% chance to win. On the point on where should I bet, try to observe the results first. Maybe  10 spins. Then try to analyse if you can see some patterns coming, like jumping colors vice versa, or majority of the result were red or black, multiple nos. of certain color followed by single opposite color, etc... and this could happen to high and low, even or odd.. remember always be patient to do this.. Also, be advised that you should follow one course until your successful, meaning, if you bet on colors, stick to colors, don't bet on your next with high/low or even or odd as it will confuse you. Next, is to have a certain objective amount of winnings/losses. My experience to this is that I first have an objective to win 3 winnings or 15 units since I'm betting 5 units. If I can achieve it by choosing with colors, then why not continue.. I lose 3 consecutive, i have to check on other patterns with high/low or even odd... if it is still confusing me, then i pass.. observe again.. until I see some goods runs.. If i still continue to lose for 3 consecutive, i need to break... hehehe... Now, here's the thing, always limit your winnings/losses.. For example, with my 500 units, i stop at winning 30% of it which is 150.. it is possible to win this amount rather saying to stop at 1000 units, because always remember that aiming high profits will give more time to play, and the longer you play the bigger chance you'll lose.. As much as possible don't be greedy... casinos are open 24/7, you can always come back tomorrow..  It is always important to make feel that you have gain something and you have achieve your goal for the day. It boosts you and gives you self confidence. Do it again on the following day... I always keep my winnings from the previous days. So to tell you honestly, i made a month goal for my self, and that is win 4,500 units, simply 150 units a day x 30 days. and it was not easy.. I had an easy winning from my first 2 days, but with my third day, i lost 150 units and stop and went home. What i did before playing tomorrow is that I calculated the number of days remaining and the remaining amount from my target. I only have 27 days left and 4,350 units needed (4,500 target deducted by 150 from win on the first day). So in order to achieve that goal, i divided 4350 by 27  and came up 162 units per day to achieve my goal.. Fortunately, I made good from day 4 until day 15.. Day 16, i lost again with 150 units, since it is limit of loss everyday. And then recalculated my goal to have my new daily target.. To cut the story short, I did managed to achieve my goal but it wasn't easy.. I takes a lot patience and self control. hehehe... Here are some tips that might help:

Be Patient enough,
Don't make your emotions take over you,
Follow one course until you succeed,
Aim small, miss small,
Don't be greedy,
Dream big, but start small,

Nowadays, I'm playing with 1000 units and having a daily target of 300 units, placing it 9000 a month. My betting is now at 10 units instead of 5 units before... But still the same idea,plan, technique or system i used. It my third month now. I decided to increase it since i fortunately accomplished my goal for 8 months straight now... hehehehe.... humbly speaking...

And by the way, i usually play 2 to 3 hours a day.....

How many progressions do you apply from the first bet? An example, I start with 1 unit, double for 2, double for 4 and stop with 3 martingales. How many martingales do you apply ??
Kimo Li Shares / Re: Learning the Kimo Li way.
« Last post by Kimo Li on November 04, 2019, 02:47:51 PM »
To learn more, go to kimoliroulette dot com
You would do better posting this at

To be addressed by experienced•seasoned•veteran players only.

1. In designing•devising an own unique approach • after your 100000(0)s of spins of experience • what has to be kept in mind or .. which underlying factors, principles, mechanisms & dynamics to [keep in] regard.

2. Also, since any 'system' that is rigid is overcome in the long run [& not just in roulette]
.. as so many pdf examples of them scattered over the clearnet birnt the many a player bankrolls

its essential to me that its MODULAR • & this should be regarded when addressing the point

modular achieves\gives leverage  meeting the pivot points offered by various spurs [of chaotic harmonics] cognized .. coming into appearance or 'germinating' I would say [usually such is perceived with loads of experience]

so with modules as soon as germination is cognized taking advantage of 'chaotic harmony interval' coming into play

& another advantage modular procures is multiplexity • such modules might be played\stacked linearly or layered multiple simultaneously when opportunities arise\manifest

i.e. even if very plain & basic, nonetheless figurative • no matter what I am presently playing .. & intutively observing [for any & every, & by intuitively meaning intuition built &or backed by loads of experience distilled into the hind of a man]  •  providing knowing that R\B•H\L•O\E tend to repeat 8x, even 15x & sufficient bankroll or profit alreay made to afford this • one module would be a situational betting positive repeat progression where occasionaly 1 unit is invested, .5 of the win spin is kept & half reinvested till the end of cummulative succession [or some other viable variant]; the unit being 10,100, 1000 or whatever determined at time being  • In such a way taking advantage of one of the aspects of chaotic harmomy In appearance, another might\could be wheel &or dealer bias exploited in various ways, etc.

when addressing though, write in simplistic terms for a novice to be able to comptehemd & focus really on point 1.
Full Roulette Systems / Re: The safest roulette system in the world?
« Last post by thereddiamanthe on October 28, 2019, 08:36:59 PM »
Sorry for my ignorance Gluckwunsch but...

I dont understand buddy, Your English or description of running the system is just not clear enough.
I do appreciate you taking youe time to try and explain though.


regard this [multiply by 6]
0.03:0.02 → 0.18:0.12 → 0.54:0.36 → 3.24:2.18 → etc for to at least 7x stage progressions.
as such 6x repetitions albeit very very rarely do appear[ & at such amounts even 1 of those would tank & destroy all the profits within a blink of an eye.

*the flaw in which you are propheting is:
if you even at bet 33/22 are met after first bet win with another losing numbers repetition i.e. 4x it turns out like the progression is applied at 5x repetition!
..getting the drift?!

and apart of voyager will hardly find [if any] another casino with wide enoúgh table min\max strecth to fit within 5x or 5•step progression ehich is required to surpass a 4x losing numbers repetition • & that is at my suggestion to modify you bets, which recuperates all loses at each win!!

Even at that, playing for cents/pennies, even in voyager playing 40 hours a week [about 10000spins • you wouldn't make more than about 100 • when playing for 0.01 reward].

So seven stage progression to cover 6x repetition! & if by any chance you make a career out of this playing into 100.000s of spins • one 7x repetition might appear vaporizing all your weekly's worth of aquired 'riches' in a single instant. That's what those two gluckwumsch & ghost are talking about.

Face the reality of it.
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