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Bet Selection / Re: Method to win 200$ per day
« Last post by RouletteRoy on February 06, 2019, 07:14:36 PM »
I myself lose after this post.
The blame is some machine change to kill , what ever method play and bet.

To have a hit and run, make sure the hit is big enough ,

I was down -800$ and then betting to win back one time then after 8 round it happen and breakeven.

pattern of the day is important, never fool yourself with yesterday win concept to apply on same casino same machine for today

Be dare to bet big and ready for big win possible , if not brave enough better don't risk single cent in casino.

Risk management in gamble are different from business, business more secure is safety,
Gamble more secure is high risk in one spin.

Betting 500-1000$ per hand, the single win of 50-200$ is helpless.
if u bet 500$, try to have some number tune up 5000$-8000% accordingly .
Then the fun of win begin .

never lost 500$ totally in one spin .
as we " dont know what number come out next"
playing like a fool by accepting all possible lost but what i can do is control how much lost.

and lost no more than 50% every spin maximum .

Then it is possible to get 1000$-1500$ per session with many people play at same time .
Bet Selection / Re: Simple Outside Bets
« Last post by RouletteRoy on February 06, 2019, 07:05:18 PM »
8200$ to  win how much ?

if need 8200$ to win this is insane and wrong method.

recommend using other faster and more accurate method from time to time,

As i mention earlier, everyday can be new pattern.
Situational / Strategy play / why win and why lost?
« Last post by RouletteRoy on February 06, 2019, 07:00:45 PM »
In summary of win and lost

Let start with lost

(1) short of cash , if you have 100$ then want to win 1000 if difficult, most of the time it die before the win hit.
(2) Only single player machine, as i mention many time, when one player , casino kill direct single target most of the time.
(3) Lack of sleep
(4) Even win bet, win earn 10-20% of total bet and lost can be 100% of chip, this is too risky
(5)Distraction, of people around, play to show people and forget to focus on win .
(6) Hurry up and in a rush ,
(7)Time up and not enough time to bet some extra number for some insurance bet
(8) stuck with fit mind of due, expecting some number to win forever and less of flexibility or realistic.
(9) Hot temper and bet win lost ratio did not as plan
(10) Unlimited goal and limited cash, did not cash out and keep 80% when win  and keep on gambling till lost last penny.
hello, thank you very much for your useful informing reply, will follow your suggestion.
You'd be better off asking at which is much more active.
hello Everybody!

New here, to ask some support to valuable users to know if an automated operation like following could be developed, for "bot playing" online roulette:
I created some excel spreadsheets with various strategies for playing roulette. These spreadsheets work in common way : clicking over the related last "number button" produced by the roulette, it elaborates and indicates, if there are, which numbers should be bet and the related bet amount (When the system reached the required "game ON" conditions, so just when indicating that "the game is ON")

The procedure should be automated as per following steps:

1 - Clicking on "SPIN" button in the roulette online.
2 - OCR reading of Number that came out
3 - Go over the Active Excel Spreadsheet
4 - Inserting the Number that came out in the Spreadsheet system (it should be done by clicking the related "button number" in the spreadsheet)
5 - After Number Insertion, read, in specific cells of the spreadsheet, after it's elaboration, if there are Numbers to bet (In case they exists are indicated in specific cells) and the bet amount (idem -
indicated in specific cell)
6 - Go back to roulette window and so :
6a : If Numbers and bet amount are existing on the spreadsheet, PLACE BET ON THE RELATED NUMBERS INDICATED IN THE SPREADSHEET and clicking SPIN button (Bot  does not need to
evaluate if win, if loss, the won or loose amount etc, due this elaboration is performed by Excel spreadsheet internally - it just needs, each time, to place the indicated Bets and play Spin Button)
6b : If No Numbers to play are indicated on the spreadsheet - just click SPIN button, so doing continuosly this two "interacting softwares" check.

I just wanted to indicate all the steps, even if I can recognize that this should be a common logical procedure for a BOT system.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Main Roulette System Board / Re: The Bait and Switch
« Last post by Viking64 on January 19, 2019, 09:16:36 AM »
Interested in this. Could you explain a little more clearly how it would work?
HI Two Cat Sam, been a while since I've posted on this site, I think you play the American 00 wheel whereas I play the European wheel. In Australia now where I play, for the last 6 months they have created a hybrid wheel (2 of them, $5 chip per number) a EURO WHEEL WITH 00 INSERTED BETWEEN THE 5 and 10 at the bottom. Even the croupiers are unimpressed at what this Casino has done. Just means adding a couple of more chips to cover the scatter in the area I'm targeting. I HAVE MOVED ON A LOT SINCE Targeting Zero's ( a basic strategy, although solid) Best Regards Rocky.
Main Roulette System Board / Re: The Bait and Switch
« Last post by Gluckwunsch on December 28, 2018, 05:59:06 AM »
Why you take your energy on evenchances???

When you put the same energy on streaks numbers you don’t need bet to many times.

I do understand what you mean that evenchances can show you where and when to bet but tracking odd even Orr black and red.... low hi.... to much work for small profit on my own eyes. If you want send me a message we can make some research together. I already have par things but maybe 2 brains know more -)))
Main Roulette System Board / The Bait and Switch
« Last post by nullified on December 20, 2018, 01:07:59 AM »
Hey guys, I want your input on something that I've been working on lately.

I have part of a system in my head but I just can't seem to work out the final process, so I'll share what I've got.

As you know, when betting on the even chances, using a positive progression does not work. The reason positive progressions don't work is because the frequencies of wins are never able to outpace your losses.

For example, if you bet on red to streak you can reasonably expect in 1,000 spins:

     * 500 single appearances (RB)
     * 250 runs of 2 (RRB)
     * 125 runs of 3 (RRRB)
     *  62 runs of 4 (RRRRB)
     *  31 runs of 5 (RRRRRB)
     *  15 runs of 6 (RRRRRRB)
     *   8 runs of 7 (RRRRRRRB)
     *   4 runs of 8 (RRRRRRRRB)
     *   2 runs of 9 (RRRRRRRRRB)
     *   1 run of 10 (RRRRRRRRRRB)

Now, no matter what your progression is or how much you bet, you can never win more on the runs than you lose on the single appearances.

I've spent several months trying different approaches, including one which I thought was rather ingenious. You start the bet at $10 and bet on red after it shows. If you lose, you accept the loss (this would be the 500+ single appearances in the table above) If you win, your second bet drops down to $6. Why? Because you want to lock in those profits instead of betting them away.

Anyways, with a positive progression of 10-6-4-2-1-1 etc, you still cannot overcome the -5000 in losses you will eventually accrue. I made it very close - within $20, but always a loss.

Even though your profits are increasing as the red streak continues, the frequencies of the wins are always less than the frequency of losses.

Ok, so that doesn't work (too bad).


Here is something I think might.

Notice that there are 10 odd numbers that are also red. This is an uneven distribution of odd numbers in the reds. That means there are only 8 red evens.

It's the same for the blacks. There are 10 even black numbers and only 8 odds.

Now, what if, as I'm following streaks of red, instead of betting on red, I bet on odd?

There are two obvious advantages that I can see.

First, I'm not subjecting my bets to the frequency problem that kills all other positive progression bets.

And second, I actually have a higher chance of winning an odd number if the streak continues for red.

How much better?

Well, because there are 10 odd reds compared to 8 red evens, there are 2 more chances for me to win over red evens.

That equates to a 55% chance of winning on odd compared to a 45% chance of losing on even - as long as I only bet while red is streaking.

Remember, I am achieving this advantage with $1 on an even chance covering 18 numbers. Normally you have a 48.6% chance of winning on even chances and a 51.4% chance of losing. But betting this way, you have a 55% chance of winning compared to a 45% chance of losing.

Now I realize that this is not the same as betting on any even chance and having a +10% advantage because I'm still betting on 18 numbers and can lose on 19.


...If I only follow the streaks of red (or black), and bet on odd (or even if I'm following black), then I always have a slightly higher chance of winning than losing.

Because no matter how you slice it, 10 red odds is greater than 8 red evens. And 10 black evens is greater than 8 black odds.

Now I have actually played this, with vary degrees of success, but I never really nailed down a great way to play it.

I usually just flat bet $5. When red shows, I bet $5 on odd. If red continues to streak, I have a 55% chance of winning and a 45% chance of losing.

Whenever the red streak stops, I still have a 45% chance of winning because there are 8 black odds that I can win on too.

Basically, whenever the colour changes, I follow it by betting on the corresponding even (for blacks) or odd (for reds) and accept the wins and losses as they come.

So, there are two things I'd like input on.

1. Am I missing something here? Sometimes you get so wrapped up in your own ideas that you miss a glaring omission that completely destroys your whole system.

2. Is there a better way to play this? Would playing like I mentioned at the very beginning be better?

Would appreciate your feedback.
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