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Full Roulette Systems / Re: Challenge 100,000
« Last post by Lucky on March 31, 2020, 02:11:53 PM »
Do you know how to program?
Actualy not enough... I've made a lot but than was stucked with number list auto changing. Now, I am out of that. Maybe, with God help, in some future... Do you know that language (programming)?
Now I am here:
Full Roulette Systems / Re: Challenge 100,000
« Last post by PassionRuleta on March 31, 2020, 01:10:36 PM »
Do you know how to program?
Now update with a new beautiful Roulette icon (the same 1st file programme). Unzip and installer it on your Android device.

:-) Alejo Ceballos Alonso.-
It is much better the first file, with a negative cascade.

I have created an exclusive app for Android devices that calculating automatically the value of the chip of my system "Cascade" for Roulette players.

Copy and install the app (.apk) on your Android device.
The programme is easy to be used. It is in spanish language.
Here it's the attachment file to be download and unzip:

Win a lot of money $$$!

By: Alejo Ceballos Alonso.-
* even, you can play sure my cascade system, stopping only at +1 chip profit (very easy profit).

:-) Alejo.-

Does someone could make a code on Roulette Xtreme to test this idea???

Alejo Ceballos Alonso
:-) Cheers.-
Finally, now in english language:

Roulette System: "Cascade" Updated 5 hours ago.

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 Cascade roulette system

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 Roulette system: "Cascade"



 The system - Cascade


 This system looks very simple and it is so in reality.  But by that I don't mean that the quality is reduced, rather the opposite.  The results of thousands of shots are used, where the following has been discovered ... in 90 percent of the cases the simple chances are changed in 4 spins (black - red, even - odd, low - high).  Surely each player can confirm that it is nothing new.  But you can get the most out of this system.  At the bottom is the Martingale system considered quite dangerous by the long series, but here it is only based on it.  The player does not have to enter with large capital in long series, but uses cascades, a well thought-out system.

 The procedure:

 You have to bet on the colors, for example black, in the same way as Martingale is played and count until the 4 spins fall.  Experienced players already know the procedure but to be sure I explain it again:

 1. spin - at first you bet 1 chip on the black, the red falls

 2. spin - bet 2 chips, again the red comes out

 3. spin - bet 4 chips, again red

 4. spin - bet 8 chips.

 During the 4 spins two situations can occur:

 1. If you win during the 4 spins, you go back to the beginning, then you play with a chip again

 2. If you don't win until the 4th spin, you go to the other level of the waterfall system

 What does that mean, I explain it immediately .....

 It can be said that the Cascada system is the progression of several levels.

 For a better understanding see the attached table:

 Waterfall level

 Chip values ​​during the 4 spins

 Waterfall n.  one





 Waterfall n.  two





 Waterfall n.  3





 Waterfall n.  4





 Waterfall n.  5





 Waterfall n.  6





 Waterfall n.  7





 (... and so on, more waterfalls should be added at this rate ...)

 That example has basically explained us the cascade procedure n.  one

 Another procedure:

 If you win during the first waterfall, you have to go back to the beginning of that one, then you play with 1 chip.

 If you lose during the first waterfall, you continue to waterfall n.  2 etc.  etc.

 In other waterfalls the same rules apply as in waterfall n.  one.

 Important note:

 You have to keep in mind that if you win in any of the waterfalls, you have to go back to the same waterfall at the beginning, not in waterfall number 1.

 For example, you are in the 3 cascade, you are going to bet 3 chips, if you win in that cascade, you do not return to bet with 1 chip but again you play with 3 chips.  Therein lies the power of the system.  The series can be long but the system breaks them in the 4 spins.  Each cascade starts with a higher chip value and as we know the gain more often goes up to the 4 spin.  So it is happening that the profit comes several times in a row in the cascade that has the highest stake value and that can bring very good profit with a smaller risk.

 Important: Cut every +25 win chips maximum and reboot the entire system!  (With a box of 2000 chips it will be more than enough to resist any wave or negative deviation against it).

 At the end:

 Undisputed Martingale protectors will surely say that chip values ​​should be higher in waterfalls.  That does seem like it at first glance but playing it this way is like playing the classic Martingale with all its positive and negative aspects.  Although this system looks strange, it will be better understood if it is played in free mode first.  It is a comfortable system and players can enjoy it.  I have every faith that the Cascada system will surprise many roulette fans with satisfaction.

 This system can also be played in free mode at reliable casinos.


 Alejo Ceballos Alonso





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Even if you close your cascade game with a +25 profit insted of +50 is much easy and real to gain it!

Enjoy this new system!
Alejo Ceballos Alonso.-
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