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Please tell me what you think of these systems

Started by know when to quit, June 11, 2009, 02:50:32 AM

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know when to quit

I think if it wipes out your starting cash then quit. . . . . . then try again in another session with new numbers.  Compare all sessions to see if it is a working system.  never think. . . . . one more try will win. . . that is more of a sign of addiction.  One way to test a system is looking at the exponential curve of your last loss.  I started to explain this in the first message of this topic and it can difficult to explain but it is definitely part of probability that can help you win. . . without a doubt and it applies to every game of chance not just roulette. 

Let's take a row of numbers that is red and black


Let's say these are actual number converted to red or black what can we learn from it.  LOTS!

First we split this into a graph that looks like this (below).  The numbers on the left are how many occurrences there are of the color the numbers on the right are how many occurrences there are in the list of numbers you are using as your data sample.  We see that an anomaly has happened with a red 11 these anomalies can usually crash any system.  Usually you will have twice as many 1s as you do 2s and twice as many 2s as you do 3s where systems usually work is when you have a steady growth of your graph and not weird anomalies.  That is when your bank roll will grow large enough to handle getting hit with the next highest number on your graph.  Jumps in 5 or 10 are murder on your sys.  So what does this mean for roulette? Let's look at Red...even though you just had a weird thing happen with a hit of 11 reds ( I think 43 is the record).  The single reds are way behind so it would be a safe bet to start betting on black after a red appears, but wouldn't you get hit hard if another anomaly hit you......yes but it will usually not hit until the 4s 5s 6s 7s 8 9s and 10 have gotten a hit.  In the reds you also have a few to many 2s so be careful.  This does not just apply to roulette.  It applies with wins and losses in any situation.  Its an exponential curve not a roulette curve.  I noticed that it is interesting to do this curve with the black jack dealer.  Mark off how many times she goes bust and make a graph of Xs and Os.  When the dealer has way to many Os start stopping (only with a full table) with a high bets when your cards only reach 12.  People will look at you like you are crazy but let the dealer play against the other people and let the dealer go bust.  The exponential curve will always even itself out.

1 - 2
2 - 5
3 - 2
11 - 1


1 - 6
2 - 2
5 - 1


In average dealer busted 28 times in 100 hands. From that number you can look for anomalies. He should bust every 3,58 hand but it doesn't happens with electronic shuffling machines! He bust much less. I wait for 5 successful dealers hands before apply the Kamikaze Martingale progression.


Looks interesting, have a couple questions though.

What is size bankroll is needed?

When you say add one unit for the progression. Is that 5,6,7....or 5,10,15?

Can't wait to try this  :ok:

Thanks for posting


hello know when to quit, and thanks for this system.
i'm trying it, and have great success.
i've made some modifications. i just bet 1 chip/number, with progression, stop on the first win and start tracking again.
i've made something like +250 units in 7 sessions, hitting number in 5th spin max.
now just want to see in the long run ..

know when to quit


Yep that is about what I found.   You have to get creative with your progression and constantly update your tracking card (not difficult to do).   You just cant add a chip on your losses and expect to recoup everything.   I won 163 dollars on a 25 cent wheel in about an hour and a half of play.   I used 5 chips per number but kept close track of when it would hit 180 then upped the chips to make a profit each win, not just break even.   I found I hardly ever hit 12 chips per number.   Let me know how the long term does.  .  .  . 


Let me explain the exponential curve again.   It is much much more than figuring how many times an event happens in a 100.   Perhaps you understood.  .  .  let me know if I need to explain more. 

Good Luck


i've got some losses this afternoon, that's why i'm thinking about and other approach for this system.

why not track x spins unil you've got a sector of 10 to 13 numbers, then betting those numbers with progression ?

and on a hit, start tracking again.

cause sometimes, small sector like 6-7 numbers sleep for a long time. but maybe it's the same with larger sector ..

know when to quit

I think your right you need to always track spins and switch sectors because of where the ball lands.  You may have a large sector of 12 and the ball lands in the middle.  Now you have a sector of 6 and 5.  The other sector less than 12 was 10 so then I start playing that one.  I have had luck playing around 8 - 10 numbers which means combining the largest sectors.  I am still testing this also. . . I will go again at 2:00 and test it on a live wheel with a starting BR of 400 units.  I will post the numbers and let you know how I did.  I do not think a Holy Grail exists where you can guess where the ball will land and be right above the random curve allows.  I think its like trying to find a perpetual motion machine. . . . . . . . . which is the same conclusion that the inventor of roulette came to.

Good Luck

know when to quit

I will have to try on friday. The casino doesn't open the roulette table till 4:00 on the weekdays just on Friday and Sat.

know when to quit

I've thought for quite a while about saying this but I discovered an improvement to this that has really surprised me. I am traveling to the states and will be passing through Kansas City and am going to try it out at one of the casinos there. Or if anyone would be up to a challenge here on this board I would be glad to take part. Just let me know how. This is really proving interesting. I won 600 units today and 400 yesterday. Today I Played for an hour and a half at a computerized roulette wheel and only played an hour yesterday. Still haven't had chances to try this out on a real roulette wheel. I will (ok... You have my word) let you know what the system is after the challenge...., or after my trip to the states.

Good Luck


Know when to quit

As  someone said in an earlier This sounds a little like the John Solitude raindrop method, which you may want to check out.  there was a lot of discussion about this method on other boards a few years back (vip and possibly GG, it would be worthwhile to check the GG archives) the discussions got a little heated, but if the posts remain and you analyse them you might get something out of them and be able to try and iron out some creases.  You will also have an idea of problems that you may face, for example gamblers fallacy and biased wheels. 

Also why dont you download a free trial of Roulette xtreme to help you along with your testing.  you can use it in conjunction with real spins from hamburg if you dont like the rng.

I hope this helps

know when to quit

Sure. I have been actively studying this for 14 years, a bit more wouldn't hurt. Systems that rely on a law or a sequence, without understandy why the law happens are bound to fail and a waste of time.

Like I said before, my revision is not to play sectors. I rely on the curve not just what sectors have or have not hit. The best way to explain it would be in a challenge.

Good Luck


Know When to Quit,

When are you coming through KC?


know when to quit

Hello Herb,

From the 3rd to the 7th of July. Just played again for an hour and a half and won 600. That makes 1600 in 3 days....to bad its not dollars.


Very interesting system!

Lots of variations possible.



Since I am "Learning"  I have two questions, 1.  What comprises a sector?  2. When you go up in units, (starting with 5 units) do you go up one unit of one, which would be six, or do you go up a unit of 5, which would be ten?  I will learn the rest, but.....I need to learn the basics first.  Thank you in advance for any and all help.