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Dear Swarm,

Thanks for your contribution. Manrique's teachings trascend time.

Be certain people here at appreciates your dedication.



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Thx victor , hey is nice to see you again old friend.

Well now lets make a small analysis about the humble but real.

First on the last translation i didnt write some texts where claudio explain he belive that after a number repeat the law of the third find more often the numbers on the side than other hit on the same number.

Everyone on the forum back then talk about that and other bet selections.

But for the swarm those are walt disney tales.

And i know that manrique when he study this system before making the hc3 give credit not to the bet selection , but yes to the behavior that his system make the player to follow.

Lets take note on what is good on this system:

* The capital of 1000 chips is never used on 1 day, insted he make small bankrollos of 144 max lose on a day and this posible max lose is set to do not happend often because he keep the chips he won on a micro game on the side to take home so each time he hit something if he end losing that day he will lose less and less.

*He dont limit winnings but he limit loses, he will never go more than -144 on a rain day, but on sunny days he dont stop trying to win more until he reach his spin limit.

*He never make bet increases when he lose.

*He dont try to win everyday ,we find that making balance every month was more confortable and with less stress.

(winning every day is not out of question of course until you catch a really big losing strike that keep you down for even months then after a lot of surfing you can go back to win every day this is also very very very hard way to play.)

*He follow the golden rule , chip that you win belong to you and he keep it.

*He use micro games with 36 chips never giving the chance on a single game to lose the total amount that he take that day to play on the casino.

*He leave with loses, if one day he reach the spin 108 and he have loses like -90 -70 -50 etc he still leave hoping that the days he will won will be more than he days he lose , so this is important because for the regular player once he is losing he try to get back that day whatever is the amount he lose , and thats why almost all people leave with empty pockets.

*Each time he is winning something he reset dont giving the chance to the casino to get that back.

*He always tell to the people you have to learn how to take loses.

And overall this points i can guess are the why manrique made a tribute to this system and is the end of my small analysis.

We continue with the HC3.

Slow motion Falling Master


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Hi Swarm
Thanks for posting...I just know this is gonna be good  :)
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Let me give you a clue:

Palgolin.  "The Pangolin looses a tail."  Anyone know where it comes from.  From the man who posted me this system three years ago on Steve's forum.

Oh, my, I'm playing, "I've got a secret." was Gamlet.

And it is a good system.  And yes, Gamlet may have stolen it from this fellow.  I think he also started many wars and famines in Russia.

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Good stuff mate. I like the fact that Manrique gives no credit the bet selection, but likes the way it looks after you and your bank roll. Rock solid principles. Look forward to hearing more. :thumbsup:


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