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LUCID DREAMING for roulette....

Started by cabbage, August 13, 2009, 01:25:41 PM

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Did you know we spend atleast a 3rd of our lifes sleeping which usually = unconscious dreaming.... what a waste of life!

There is a way to become 'consciously' awake in your dreams (with practise) and control the events to your pleasing, yes its true as I've managed with the help of a CD program, but as soon as I realised I was awake in my dream I lost it...I'm still learning!

I now know from much study of this what I actually did was become very 'partially' lucid, though with the right training you can become 'fully' conscious-or-'fully' lucid and control the dream as you like...

As it is for most people in the dream state now it's like being driven around in a taxi by the driver(sub-conscious mind) that is just going to random places and you have no control of what places you see, BUT, with fully lucid dreaming you kick the driver out the driving seat and take control of the car and steering the dream as you like seeing and doing as you like!

SO just imagine you could be practicing playing roulette, testing your sytems/methods at your favrioute casino for 8 hours with no real loses!! and trust me the short lucid dream I experienced was as real looking and feeling as you reading this right now... as short lived as it was!

Also add to that from a book I've read written by Stephen LaBerge who has done lots of research and testing on the subject had one of his subjects blink 10 times at the count of a second each time while in a lucid dream and LaBerge proved from this that in the dream state time goes the same pace as time in the awakened state!

I know this must seem far fectched to all you very narrow/small/sceptic minds that are on this forum, but,  just google lucid dreaming and you will see there is way to much info and research for it to be a load of bull.. and as I've found the real proof is the experience I've had in the trying it out.

Not only could it help your roulette but anyhting in life you wish to get good at.. yes ANYTHING you can imagine!!

For those who are intersted in this many books/cd programs/forums ect are avalible all over the net. Amazon is a good place to start, also something I will soon be buying is the Lucid Dreaming Kit which is ment to have you lucid in 7 days but it could be a con, but thats the risk I take.

I do believe though to really nail this and become the master of your dreams you need to work at it by writing your dreams down every morning in you dream diary just after you wake,reading as much about the subject as possible and also have the strong intent/desire to really want to succeed at it.

At amazon there is books by Steven LaBerge you can actually read parts of, also there is plenty of reveiws.

Thanks for reading