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ZerodoomE2 VB system

Started by Bo0Merang, September 07, 2009, 10:15:38 AM

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hi  anyone know  about  this  system   visual balistic  please  thnx here is  some  video  xplained how its work  nolinks://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3063374243294797532&hl=en#


 when  you  want see  video  and  original  will  be sun deleted here is   copy link  on  txt document


You can go to Foresters forum and you wıll fınd more ınformatıon about ıt.
But ı would thınk twıce before ı decıde to get an roulette computer.

I can tell you that they work.
But you stıll need condıtıons and some skılls to use one.

Cheers LS


Thank you  LS  but   actualy  i dont  have  interest  to purchase  any  of computer  i  just  like  learn  couple basics  VB  tricks and  use  it


Then you should turnaround.
First you can learn the number-rings layout and memorize them into your head.

You can divide the wheel into sectors of three and that will give you 12 sectors.
Begin with memorize them CW "clock-wise".
Then regarding zero you can add it to the last or the first sector, its flexible.

I know the wheel clock-wise and anti clock-wise.
Now there is an reason why you would pick sectors of three because if you advance later on then you will notice how you can adjust the numbers/sectors with distance and cross-overs where you can apply classical-probability.

If you learn of to make an VB read "prediction" so you can say which half of the wheel the ball will end up then if you use marching patterns you can adjust your VB read with perfection and adjust in real time where you are 4 or 3 revolution out.

Then you will also learn if we assume you don't use high or low scattering method to place neighbors of sectors around 5 to 9 numbers around the prediction number or maybe less with cross-overs.

My suggestions is if you are serious that you pay 850$ for Laurance material and become an traditional VB-Player and advance from there.

Regarding Foresters forum so is there much to find about VB if you read between the lines.
Like how to pin-pointing scatter behavior and how you get different results regarding rotor speeds and ball-type and much more and its for free.

I just mention a little about this because there is no easy way out if you are going start to study VB and guess what you might want to get your own roulette wheel for 2500 Euro and i can help you out with that if you want or you should get at least 8 dvd's with 1500 spins with an common wheel with different conditions and ball-types to practice with at home.

Well if you have some more specific question i can go more into details.

Cheers LS


LS thank  you  for advance i  dont  know if this call  talent but  i  know  nearly  every 3 spin which  half wheel come i  do  not  know  nothing  about wheel  patterns i just  know  it  from playng  when i  switch  betweeen camengh wheel and  huxley  it is  diferent  but i need  just 15  spins and  most  of time  i  have  right . i never study VB i have  memorize  wheel numbers and  more comon things when  i  finish my new research  with   numbers  thats  will be arround 14 day  maybe  20  i will  have  look  on this and  i will  have  some  question.  Thank  you