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@Fredrik - 24 number bets with LW Registry and La Partage rule TRENDING

Started by lucky_strike, September 11, 2009, 09:04:26 AM

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Hi Fredrik.

We are going to use the dozen's and play two dozen's that is 24 numbers.
There is dozen 1 2 and 3.
We will only use dozen 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 in the same time.

At our local casino we have an La Partage Rule and that's why we will not play the combination 1 and 3 using the dozen's.
An La Partage Rule make us only lose half the bet on even money position and we can use them on the layout when we want to cover two dozen's - 24 numbers bet.

This way we will save much money if zero strike and if we would use the other way of just placing the bets in the dozen's position we would lose the hole bet, but not with the way I will show you.

My opinion is that if we are going to play 24 numbers we should only place 3 units on low and one unit one line 4 or place 3 units on high and 1 unit on line 3.
This is the same thing, it covers 24 numbers but we only lose half the bet on low and high if zero strikes.

2 units on dozen 1 and 2 would be 4 units and we lose them all if zero strikes.
3 units on low and 1 unit on line 4 would be 4 units but we only lose 2,5 units if zero strikes and we keep 1,5 units.
We keep the half bet on the low even money bet.

For the long run that amount 1,5 will increase to become a serious amount of money.

Here you have a visual:

Situational / Strategy play.

Tracking and trending with the help of LW Registry.
Its like you follow the random flow and how it unfold it self.
For every time you have an hit on your numbers you write down (W) that stands for an win.
For every time you not have an hit on your number you write down (L) that stands for an loss.

This way you will get an visual how they hit or not with an distiribution line of W and L.
It a way of tracking the results and how it unfold.
This distribution line could look like this:


Here you create an trigger or some kind of indication from where you start your first attack, place you bets, to capture an win.
Here we can create an trending pattern to follow.
When we are done with that we can start to talk about what kind of staking plan we will use.

Cheers LS