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E.F.T :D

Started by cabbage, December 10, 2009, 09:33:19 PM

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And to think everyone here ignored my post about E.F.T (which is a free thing to learn BTW!!) and how it can help with the 'bad emotions' of gambling that most you suckers lose money with  ;D

From PluginID.com......

From $50 to $1Million+ Using EFT (Interview)
Glen /  19 Comments /  February 11th, 2009 /  Subscribe via RSS

I've never done an interview yet on PluginID so it's only right if the first slot is taken by one of my best friends. He doesn't want to be named (rightly so, considering his position) so I'll refer to him as R throughout the interview.

R has quite a remarkable story, starting with $50 on a 'PartyPoker.com' account and turning that into over $1 million, all while in his early twenties. He credits his success not only to his poker skills, but with the use of EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique.

Photo Credit

I thought R would be a great fit to share some information on the technique and how it has helped change his life. I've known him for over a year now and I'm constantly amazed at his dedication, success and attitude towards all projects he undertakes.


The Million Dollar Interview
PluginID: Can you tell us a little about your background so far and how you got into poker?

R: Sure, I did a degree in Actuarial Science and went on to work and complete my last few board exams immediately after. During that period of work I was a motorbike accident at a local racetrack - it was completely my fault, having too much fun and pushing too hard I guess. While sitting at home recovering from the accident I stumbled across some kind of poker material and was immediately interested to find out whether there was any skill involved.

It turned out there was a mountain of skill in poker and that good players were winning unimaginable amounts of money consistently. More than anything, I became engrossed with the sense of competition in the game and fell in love with it.

PluginID: What made you decide to venture into EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)?

R: I had become interested in self-improvement / self-actualisation in my very early teens when my dad asked me to do everything I could to get a scholarship for high school. Someone on one of the Yahoo groups I followed recommended EFT - the premise of EFT sounded really attractive so I gave it a whole hearted shot.

PluginID: How did you decide it was working, then apply it to other areas of your life?

R: I still remember taking a chair far out into the garden to try EFT for the first time. I just took my biggest fear at the time - something that when I thought about I got an immediate negative feeling - and 'EFT'd' it. I was amazed when it literally disappeared in minutes.

From there I applied EFT to everything and anything, from academics to sports performance. Over the next year or so I made leaps and bounds in measureable areas of my life like academics and sport. Most distinctly, I went from being an average student who put in a lot of effort, to finishing high school in the top 20 students in my province with far less effort and while playing 2 sports at very competitive levels.

PluginID: Which resources would you recommend for people looking to learn more about EFT?

R: Emo Free has more than enough information on EFT for anyone to make huge changes in their life. I also recommend the DVD's that Gary Craig produces - I have them all and they helped me tremendously. Carol Look's work was also very helpful to me in understanding how to apply EFT to achieve goals.

Most of all, it's very easy for us to get too involved in wanting to learn EFT to perfection before applying it. Avoid this at all costs. I allocate specific EFT time per day when working on a goal or preparing for an event.

PluginID: What would you say to people who have limiting beliefs about the success they can achieve?

R: Firstly I would EFT any disapproval we may have of ourselves for having these limiting beliefs.

Next, I'd chose a specific area where you are currently or planning to strive for a goal e.g. health, wealth, relationships, spiritual. Then I would write out the first limiting belief that comes to mind. Next, I identify the emotion that's attached to that belief. Then try to remember the first time you felt that emotion and EFT on that memory where the emotion was first experienced.

Persisting with this for half an hour a day for a couple days (even if it's the same beliefs that come up) will create massive shifts.

PluginID: You quit your job recently to play Poker full-time. How have you adjusted to the lifestyle?

R: Well I adjusted very quickly and it's been awesome :)

I absolutely love being able to wake up when I wake up and spend my day working on goals that to excite me to the core. I've also got a couple of overseas adventures planned for this year.

PluginID: If you only had one sentence to inspire our readers, what would it be?

R: This is it.

PluginID: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Take full responsibility for everything that happens to you. Ask: "Wherein did I cause this to happen to me?" and start tapping.

"What is EFT?" - For those of you that didn't click off onto the Emo Free website I recommend you check out this simple but useful video on Youtube.

Personal Experience
Even though R had managed to use EFT to improve his poker performance and rid his limiting beliefs, I was still quite hesitant and sceptical about EFT when I first heard of it. The system basically involves tapping certain meridian points in your body and then "reprogramming" your feelings over certain situations or thoughts. Like most things you are sceptical about, you should try them before dismissing them, that's exactly what I did...

...I tried EFT for the first time about 4 days ago. The result? I was laughing out loud for about 2 minutes straight. I couldn't believe how relaxed I felt afterwards and how the thing I was tapping on started to become completely irrelevant to me.

Thanks to R for the interview and I hope you've all taken something out of it.

If you enjoyed this post, I would appreciate if you share it on Twitter, Facebook or Delicious!

 Comment by Lodewijk
Never heard of EFT before, I'm definitely going to check it out. It sounds like an interesting technique.

Making a living on poker is not as easy it seems though. I know quite some people that are relatively successful at playing poker, but it requires a lot of time, practice and skill. Having control over your emotions is definitely a benefit!

I'm totally backing this question: "Wherein did I cause this to happen to me?" That mindset is key to self improvement in my opinion.

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 Comment by Glen
Hi Lodewijk,

Once again, thanks for your comment. I've sent R an email to see if he will elaborate on it applying to poker for me. He has told me in person that "anyone can get the skills to be good at poker, but theres much more to it than that". By that he's meaning the things he used EFT on.

Let me know how it works out for you!

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 Comment by Jens Upton  

I enjoyed reading your post, especially as it was a reminder to me about the benefits of EFT or TFT as I originally knew it. I'll put it into practice again, this time with R's strategy to discover how useful it is.
I found that repeat EFTs were required over time as I naturally re-experienced a few 'not-so-positive' emotions. In my experience, EFT combined with an imagination that creates new beliefs and 'feel-good' emotions is best for many changes.

thanks again for the post

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 Comment by Glen
I'm glad this has inspired you to give it another go, Jens. I think with deeply rooted issues it may require more use of EFT rather than slight things that are on your mind so that might be the case with you.

You're welcome, I'll send R over here so he can respond as well

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 Comment by Hunter Nuttall
Very interesting interview! I came across EFT recently, and I'm interviewing someone about it soon. I didn't realize EFT could help with poker! I guess poker is very emotional–you don't want to reveal your hand through your eyes (not an issue online), not be afraid to bluff, etc.

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 Comment by Glen
Great stuff Hunter, I look forward to the interview.

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 Comment by David at Animal-Kingdom-Workouts.com
Very interesting. When I was reading the interview, I was worried that you were never going to get around to explaining just what EFT was! Although I could guess, I'm glad you got to it in the end. This technique looks interesting. I'm going to check it out.

- Dave

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 Comment by Glen
Hey David, I think you are right, I could make it clearer what EFT is. I assumed most people would click onto the Emo Free link that R presented.

I will update the post with a link to a video I recommend.

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 Comment by Raymond Selda
This is really interesting. I'm going to give this a try. Thank you for sharing EFT.

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 Comment by Glen
I'm glad you think so Raymond, be sure to let me know how it goes!

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 Comment by Alex

both of you.

R is full real deal. re-read that whole thing many times and look to where he's coming from because my life has changed so many times over from looking at his beliefs, dedication and thought processes.

really believe in looking to people who are where you want to be or are on the same path and R is definitely a good person to look to, no matter what your focus, for dedication and getting things done.

awesome stuff

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 Comment by Glen
Allllllllly!! Hows it going bro?

Your comment got caught in the spam queue somehow so you might want to look into that  

I completely agree, R has been a great inspiration for me, as have you. Look forward to the blog launch!

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 Comment by Craig Lawton
Ok I tried it...

three times in the park at lunch break.

Felt great afterwards.... and this is the embarrassing bit... I walked back to work in a semi-aroused state... very strange.

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 Comment by Glen
LOL - That made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing Craig

I guess that shows you were in a very relaxed state (seriously)

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 Comment by Daniel
That was an amazing interview with a young man who had found life while recovering from motor cycle accident at home.
He found total life in freedom living and making huge amount of money playing Poker.
I had found this EFT since late 2006 but it always sound ridiculous to me practicing it. It makes no sense to me logically.
Just sitting down and keep tapping and expressing words. However, in early 2008, when I had serious flu I applied it, It was amazing how my flu was gone withing a night! Still, I stop practicing it. Sporadically, I did it since then. But today, I have decided once again to start on it. I know it works, but I kept ignoring it.
Thanks Glen for this interview you have conducted.