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The 14 number Dominance by Compa and LeBear

Started by Compa, July 09, 2008, 12:33:18 PM

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I have by no means given up on this cadence thing.  More at a later date.



Thought this may need looking into again after watching a guy playing a similiar game at Crown over the last couple of months.I know hes looking at any group that hasnt had much of an appearance and then just hammers it .I have got to know him and he is a straight shooter, he told me one needs a good bank and balls of steel, just the other day (and I witnessed this) he cashed out 6 grand in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. Once he has an appearance of 2 #s from the sleeping groups he goes for it.
Geez some things are gold, that reminds me, good to see your back Two Cat talk about gold.If there were gold medals for testers you would have a barrow full.
Cheers Pedro




I remember doing a bunch of testing on the Mark- methods back in the day when they were first proposed; and they seemed to perform somewhat better then average as I recall - will dig in the file cabinet.
It stands out to me, and from a common sense point of view that:  as Sam stated earlier - a flexible exit strategy is called for here, rather then a grind on faith.



I've tested that method on an RNG and live land casinos. I have followed the rules religiously and ended up with more losing than winning sessions.