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Hit & Run

Started by MXkid77, July 25, 2008, 03:56:22 AM

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Hi guys,

I was wondering, what is the best hit and run system out there???

I have been trying one for some time with online Playtech casino software with marginal success. Let me know if you guys have used it, heard of it, tested it, either online or live. This one is by no means infailable, if you run with it, you need to win 11 consecutives to start making a profit, then there is also the 0 to watch out for. I have just done 4 spins and copied the screenshots for illustartive purposes, but as you can see both times won.
I have had a run of 20 wins before a loss, but that is still nothing to go by.

Here Goes:

Coming in, 1st spin is a free spin, which ever street comes up (#4), cover the other 11 streets with a unit, in this case i used $1.

2nd spin win (#17)

3rd spin (#26) comes up, cover the rest.

4th spin win (#1) comes up.

Any ideas for this.

Yesterday i read somewhere about a 2 bet hit and run system, but can't find it again, i wanted to test it last night.


How do we do this?:  then there is also the 0 to watch out for.

How does one "watch out" for the three horse or the zero?

Welcome to the forum!!

Good luck!  I see you're using real money, American at that, so this would be a good test of the RNG intentionally beating you.

Not only should you watch out for the zero, but watch out for the street you leave uncovered.

Dangerous game, even with dollars.



Looking back at your marquee, 10 and 11 come and you would have lost and then 26 doubles and you would have lost twice in ten spins.  What about that?

The standard answer is:  Well, I wasn't playing then.  Well, what if you had been?  In roulette, we can't edit out the bad stuff.  Really, we can't even watch out for it.  We just watch it happen!!



 ;) Hey brother,

I agree with TCS mate.

I do not believe this will work well. I think you have been extremely lucky playing like this.

Ever seen this on the board? 21,23,22,23 hit in that sequance? I have. I would reckon that streets like to repeat. I would rather choose any other street to leave out but the one that was last spun. That is just my line of thought.



Hi Guys

I am pretty certain that Victor posted some time ago that he played the 11 streets successfully.

I am also sure that it was a bit different to this way of playing.

Not sure where & when He posted though.



Thanks guys,

Luckily i have just been testing it in fun mode, have not been brave enough to put some real $ on the line.


Quote from: MXkid77 on September 01, 2008, 04:55:53 AM
Thanks guys,

Luckily I have just been testing it in fun mode, have not been brave enough to put some real $ on the line.

If you decide to play for real. I would play a real live roulette and no RNG (random number generator).

No dealer, No ball, No Wheel, Not the real Roulette deal  ;)


Hey guys,

I have been playing successfully for the last little while (atleast) 5 double streets (1-6, 7-12,etc).  I play 1 of 2 ways:

1 - Wait for a DS to hit back to back (like 2 then 5) then bet the other 5 lines and the zero.

2 - Play Victors method of playing 5 lines. 

I play one or the other (or both) every day for about 30 minutes online and haven't had a losing session yet (yes I know it can and does lose... I'm not stupid, I have done the testing).  I play with 50$ units and I aim for 3 to 5 wins and call it a day (so 120 to 200$ profit).  I play 50$/DS and 10$ on the zero (still haven't hit the zero of course... grrr).

I have broke even a couple days.  Hit a loss then recoup and end my session.  I haven't lost twice in one session yet, but that would be a session ender for me for sure.  And yes, I have seen many losses at table 1 while playing table 2 so I know I'm getting lucky. 

Nothing fancy, but it's working, and it's working well.  I track a couple tables and watch for a betting opportunity. 

Just my 2 cents.



In roulette there is ONE bet that should be strictly hit and run and usually wins.

We will be betting Black ($100) chips or higher.

Exact placement of the bet is your choice.

Bet 3 units on either the High or Low EC and 2 units on the opposite dozen.

E.g. $300 on the 1-18 and 2 units on the 3rd dozen (25-26).

You can also pick any two double streets above the 1-18 and bet 1-unit each on them instead of betting directly on the 3rd dozen if you like. Payout is the same - one unit.

Some folks play that 8-9 times in a row and win.  I am not that lucky.


Quote from: Talesman on September 08, 2008, 02:32:49 AM

Bet 3 units on either the High or Low EC and 2 units on the opposite dozen.

E.g. $300 on the 1-18 and 2 units[$ 200] on the 3rd dozen (25-26).

Some folks play that 8-9 times in a row and win.  I am not that lucky.

Yes this does look very good indeed. If you add to that the dominance of low ECs and the dominance of any dozen in the sections then you can pick any dozen and any dominance of three streets that are not part of that dozen. You would be flabbergasted how often every night that five streets go into dominance. You see all you need to do is to look for one street that has repeatedly or even sequentially gone into a temporary dormant state.

I can do a better job of proving this happens than anyone can do a job in demonstrating that following a triggered based guessing matrix/chart works any better. I welcome a heated discussion. You won't offend me because I would rather find the truth than care about my feelings being hurt. It's like Boxing. You need to take punches to win.


Some guy,who claimed to be dealer mentioned that plan to the Wizard of Odds (it's published there).

Shackleford took it apart.

But the dealer had a point when he stated he saw lots of folks making money with it.  Probably they did.  But we only remember the winners as they stand out. 

Testing against 00 actuals I think the best consecutive run was 16 wins.

Other files ate it alive.

I prefer to play it by using FTL on the EC side.  Most days that works.

Good luck to anyone who plays it.