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This is not holy grail but holy grave, one losing streak will end up profit of hours. :shout:


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What do you think of this system mate.  Any Luck??



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  • Spin till you drop (or go bust)!
This looks like a nice, easy system to work with that should produce some good results.   After a lot of painful trial and error, however, I have given up on betting progressions.   Instead, I use Kimo Li's matrix as much as possible to isolate and identify smart bets and use a flat betting system.

This results in much more of a "grind", but most of the time it produces positive results, although many times I'll admit I only win $15 or $20 after an hour or two of play.   Still, I love the game, so it works for me. 

I have just gotten back into roulette after almost 3 years, so I'll have to give this one a go.   Thanks for sharing this.


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