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Why Noone can win with VB nowdays

Started by Jean-Claud, July 27, 2010, 07:31:25 PM

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Quotewhere are the prices listed?

nolinks.roulettecomputers.com/purchase.html and nolinks.hybridroulettecomputer.com for the hybrid.

Quoteand does every one of the devices camera must be aimed at the wheel,or is it just using the thumper

Only the hybrid versions use a camera. The rest use a clocking key / hidden cable / wireless switch or whatever you want.

QuoteWhat are the dimensions  of  this  device? Just   being  curious.

Which one? The phone models are the size of a phone. The hybrid has a lot of different components but essentially the bettor only has equipment that would not be a major problem even if the player was strip searched, not that that kind of thing happens because you only play in legal jurisdictions anyway.


and the VB lessons with prediction before ball release....do you still sell that?


Yes that is the roulette system at nolinks.genuinewinner.com/main.htm

There are many components to it.