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Need code for the flexibal cross - i pay for it ...

Started by I have cookies, August 21, 2010, 11:11:26 AM

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I have cookies

The flexible cross is a method to master multiply distance and more then one high peak.
Is a way of Davide the wheel into 8 octanes in your head very fast.

First you have the Europa layout of the number ring divide into setts of three.
Wish give you the ability to get opposite via a via in less then 50ms and even triangular or even up to four peaks.

And depending on 123 pin game you can correlate distances very quickly and pin point out areas wish has high probability to hit.
I like the 8 octanes and combine it with the fudge factor with very fast complex head calculation.
Wish become more easy with the flexible cross wish is very fast as it becomes second nature getting a snap imagine into head.


I have cookies

I post details to who wish make excel code and we can talk price ...
Send me a PM.
Many thanks.

It need input for VB read, rotor,  tilt and diagrams over distribution of variations wish i mention.
It should allow to calibrate and make cert an correlation of cert an individual data input to pin point out things wish i look for ...

I already have three of the best software for this purpose i just want one that is only based upon my playing model.


I have cookies