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The 4Selecta system

Started by Mr Chips, July 29, 2008, 12:17:33 PM

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Hi mates, I just "rescued" this thread as I was getting complains from people who participated on it (like Kon-Fu-Sed) and didn't find it.

I hope our dear Thread Starter (Richard / Mr. Chips) may let this one be. I've PM'd him with a little request regarding this one :)

Well guys, the original 4 Selecta Thread is back!


Mr Chips

I asked for this version of 4Selecta not to be brought back, but my request was ignored.

A French forum has used this early version at the beginning of this thread and therefore
has not used the recommended current version.

The up to date version is located at nolinks://nolinks.4selectasystem.com

Mr Chips