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Re: Get rich at roulette?
May 29, 2016, 09:12:43 PM
hmmmm how much $ per unit will it be, if we have that much bankroll?
honestly until now I am still not yet confident on my understanding of the money management part in roulette or gambling as a whole.
since others will say, that we should divide that 10K into 10 sessions which leave you 1K each sessions. and which i think you will only have a 1K bankroll

Marvin the rule is mean no more than 10%
1000$ a spin with 10,000 bank role is bad spin

We only need 28$ to get 1000$
10 spin only no people can guarantee win
I think should be 20-40 spin

So forget about fit rule of 10% per bet
64 $ per spin for start if lost can repeat bet and add some chip to cover on certain inside bet

When u bet all number and total bet 72
U need 2 chip for break even

So if maximum bet per number is only 2-2.5 chip even win only profit 18

This need to change to gear up some inside bet to 5$ or more to hit

Coward lost more