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It is just a matter of knowing what the wheel is throwing at the time.

Started by zippyplayer, March 21, 2011, 08:55:55 AM

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I didn't have to look far, in minutes of posting my last reply, I flicked through the same book and found this (when you know what to look for, it sticks out like the "proverbial").

12, 20, 9, 23, 0

I see these numbers as 7 (12 is two away from 7) then  20, then 22 (9 is one away from 22) then 23, then Zero.

7, 20, 22, 23, 0    that's how I see the above numbers!

Its exciting!

Cheers Rocky


seconds this time, I found one they may shatter my theory of four same from the list nullifying zero, BUT then when I TAKE A CLOSER LOOK maybe not, I'll explain.

15, 28, 18, 2, 21, 0

I looked at 28, 18, 2, 21, 0, okay obvious to me, 28 is one awy from 7 of the European wheel 18 is one away from 22 then 2 the 21 is one away from 2 then Zero. I thought there's four there, how come I'm getting ZERO?

Then I looked at 15 ahead of it and that's two away from zero, and thought wheel there's a strong case of five numbers in a row 0, 7,22,2,2, 0

You may ask quite legitimately why it seems  I'm including a seventh number now, i.e. (0) I apologise, the reason is, the Zero is the basis of the other six numbers, if you haven't already worked it out by now, the other six numbers form a pattern around the wheel. I'm so used to working with the associated numbers I forgot to include the root number in set of seven.

I've opened your minds up now, and believe you'll discover many other patterns and inter-relationships that will help you master the wheel more and more!

All my Best



Remember the old"Spirograph set" we had as kids, depending on the size of the disc and what hole you put your pen in, and what size circle you had it revolving around in, caused you to produce a specific pattern from all those dynamics
I believe the patterns produced from where the ball lands one time after another, can produce infinite patterns that are waiting to be discovered!

The only thing is, it can become such an obsession and fascination in discovering these things, as I know, alot of time can be spent on it, seeking the thrill, but we need to have balance in our lives as to the things that are really important in life (i.e. other people for one, relationships), because before you know it, if you let it, you'll spent all your time on the subject of Roulette, as Kimo Li says, and hope he doesn't mind me repeating what he said, but its true, 'Roulette is a subculture'. I should know I was involved in another subculture for 30 years, its called bodybuilding.

Cheers Rocky


Guys I hope I'm not Posting too much, its just that I'm excited and wanted to share with you, I found another one from Card 1 date 18/9/10, certainly not to brag, hope its of some help to someone.

36, 13, 1, 13, 14, 10, 32.

This example is unique because it has the dynamics of both a repeat number and also the relationship of the list numbers, as I'll explain again;

36 (one of the seven list numbers) 13 is one position away from 36, then 1 is one position way from 20( a list number), then 13 again (which is also the reat number) and 14 which is one position away from 20 then 10 (the first number after the pattern) then 32 which is one position from the Zero.

Note: (Just to clarify, when hunting  for zero wager on 26,0,32, I may have already mentioned this somewhere.) sometimes it misses by one position.

So this could be seen as ( 36, 36, 20, 36, 20 ) 10, 0  THAT'S A PRETTY STRONG PATTERN  WOW!

Cheers Rocky


Its easy to go back through old cards and once you knwo what you're looking for the patterns seem to present very often. The ability is in identifying them as the spins come out. Here's some more from Table AR02 10/6/10

29, 20, ( 18, 33, 9, 18 ) 21, 34, 0, 3, 22, 7, 0

You could look at it,

7, 20, 22, 33, 22, 22, 2, 34, (0,) 3, 22, 7,(0)

Also from the same table and day, later in the night,

1, 18, (23, 5, 23 ) 14, 28, (32) 20 (26)

again adjusting for misses either side,

20, 22, (23, 5, 23 ) 20, 7, (32,) 20, (26)

In both these examples there is a natural repeat happening PLUS acombination of the seven list numbers, producing Strong patterns back to Zero (give or take one position either side of it.)

IN THIS E.G. FROM 11/9/10 CARD 3 ar02, it took a bit longer for the zero to surface,

22, 13, 22 (that's the zero signal) next 7 (well that could have been the signal as well i.e. 22, 13,22,7) after seven is (I JUST REALISED) 11, 34, 18, 24, 30, 0. I realised (11one off36) 34 (18one off 22). So once again you've got seven numbers straight that are all strongly pointing to zero. WOW!!!!!
22, 13, 22, 7, 11, 34, 18, 24, 30, (0)

the reason I put out so many posts on this is that I was trying to find in my many notebooks a card I drew up with combinations of strong signals I used to take into the CASINO with me to help me, I don't need to use it now, but thought it may be of some use, but I think you I need to now, you get the drift by now, as to what to look for, and I have given you all, some pretty awesome examples, so you would be getting pretty expert at it by now.

Its 1am, so I might go to bed soon.

Cheers Rocky


Each and every one of the examples given by Rocky are math based. And the most powerful of them as I see it is ''zero to the power of 2 and 7.'' To me, the game of roulette IS a Math base, and the Math is always uncomplicated simple Math.

About a year ago I started a thread entitled THE PERFECT TABLE, unfortunately I became ill and the thread was abandoned, which was sad really as plenty of interest had been shown. The thread was on the other forum and my username was different then. I revealed 'the perfect table' which was of course Math based.

My perception of Roulette is somewhat unorthadox, and for that reason is hard for others to accept as most are incapable of seeing past what is generally accepted.

Rocky, you are (although you may not recognize it just now) using Math to reach zero.
Earlier, I mentioned 'zero to the power of 2 and 7.'  Other examples of the numbers you give are '4 to the power of 9'.  '9 to the power of 5'.  'zero to the power of 1.' there are other Math Based equations also involved.

Sam mentioned the connection between numbers and he is absolutely spot on. There is a connection between numbers on the wheel. Also there is a connection between numbers on the table. It has been said more than once on this forum, and by more than one person, that the table has nothing to do with roulette. To me, that is total and utter rubbish. The wheel does nothing more than show which POSITION on the table has won. All bets are won and lost ON THE TABLE. The wheel is no more than an INDICATOR, it only shows which bet has won.

When a bet is placed it is placed in a POSITION on the table. Rocky's numbers are positions on the table. Their positions on the wheel are a totally different set of positions, but the two positions of every number (one on the wheel and one on the table) have a positive connection.

Thanks for your posts Rocky, and you too Sam. There is a DEFINATE connection, and it is Math Based.



I love confirmation bias and the necessary conclusion "magical thinking." It's a
prerequisite stage that everyone researching Roulette must at least consider
for a while. It's also a clear sign that these people are getting smarter. They
are moving away from and beyond systems.  :yahoo:


Hello wardy03

There may be some connection between the numbers on the table and positions on the wheel.
But my numbers HAVE NO connection to the Table, my numbers have been deduced 100% from the connection and relationship to their position on the Wheel.

I mentioned in a previous Post, those smart enough will have already worked out the corelation and can work out many more patterns based on the seven numbers in the list I gave.

You are right on one point wardy03, (i.e.), it does turn out, to be based on simple maths in this case.

I've explained in great detail something that is of substance on this forum, more than most have ever done on this forum ever!!!, so if you can back up with substance what you say generally by "4 to the power of 9" and "9 to the power of 5" etc and be more specific about it, I'll be able to accept what you say with more credence! and you'll have my respect.
Many have made sweeping general statements of Grandreur on these Forums for years to make them seem Important so many times, and never back them up with anything other than with Hot Air. I'm sorry wardy03 but we have heard these statements all before, unless you can produce specific proof and evidence why bother teasing those on the forum. I look forward to hearing of your discoveries.

Respectfully Rocky


Hello Rocky, many thanks for your reply.!!

I can only agree with all of what you say, as I am not looking for an argument. (Give me reasoned debate every time.) You have indeed contributed more than most to this thread.

Sorry that you viewed my post as you did as I was only trying to say that there is a connection between wheel and table. I believe this so strongly, I find it hard to believe when others can not see it. Even though you say there is no connection between your seven numbers on the wheel and the table, I believe that the connection is irrefutable. But as I said, I am not looking for an argument on this, we will just have to agree to disagree. Every bet that is made is (in the eyes of the bettor) a guess at which pocket(s) the ball will come to rest. The guess may be a reasoned guess, or not.

'The perfect table' showed four sets of nine numbers, each set identical in size and shape. I explained and shown the Math and explained how to make 'the perfect table'. At the time, I was challenging something Steve had said, and stated that I felt like a schoolboy challenging the Master.

Perhaps Steve could help me out here? as I can't find the thread in question. My username was pascal back then. Perhaps some of the other forum members can help?


P.S.  Rocky, you mentioned a book in one of your posts; something about a guy that was taken advantage of and finished up with nothing? I believe that you are the least person on this earth to be looking to take advantage of anyone, Rocky, but unfortunately not everyone is of the same mind.

Respect, wardy.


Thankyou wardy03

You pointed out something I said and I didn't clarify, with the statement I said, on the second line of my last post, I should have said "the pattern of the SEVEN numbers on the wheel " I believe has nothing to do witt the table.

If you look at my opening statement I said in my last post. "There may be some connection between the numbers on the table and positions on the wheel." As there are in many instances e.g. (1,13,25) (2,14,26) (3,15,27) etc to give one set of examples.

I neither want an argument and I apologise to you wardy if I have taken what you said in the wrong way.
Its just that so many people have come on these forums and make bold statements, and most times never back them up. I want people to be true and congruent and finish explaining what it is that they know, most times they start to elude to something then stop short as with you.

P.S. In your P.S. in your last post wardy03 you said "you are the least person on this earth to be looking to take advantage of anybody"

I think your grossly confused wardy13, I have freely given generously of my knowledge and haven't taken advantage of anyone, on the contrary I have been extremely helpful, hopefully to someone.
If anyone has taken advantage of anyones good nature on this forum its been you by eluding to some great knowledge you have, then stating a few facts and then not fully explaining yourself and leaving the Forum UP IN THE AIR, wondering what it is  that you know "that's so important". Thus my reference to "HOT AIR".

Come on, be honest with yourself and us



Rocky, I think your ''put up or shut up'' attitude is too aggressive and offensive for my liking. Especially as I asked could I pm you. Thanks for the insight, Rocky.

Goodbye and Good Luck to you.




Over the years---and I've been here a few---we have all faced the guys who had the answer, made the money, laughed at us and called us ignorant.  Many are still on the forum.

I speak only for myself.

IF you have a method that wins you money, I am happy for you.  I wish you the best.  Travel the world.  See Monte Carlo, England, Australia and New Zealand.  Believe me, I would.

But to come on these forums and taunt people is simply not right.  If you have no intention of sharing, what is your purpose for being here other than to rub someone's nose in it?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking someone to "put up or shut up" as you phrase it.  I've always said, if you go around a bunch of rednecks claiming to walk on water, don't be surprised if they haul your arse down to the pond.



Hi zippyplayer

I hope this has answered your question "It is just a matter of knowing what the wheel is throwing at the time.''

...........concerning hunting a' Zero' down in the majority of cases, on the European roulette wheel, knowing what the wheel is throwing at the time.

Cheers Rocky



people like pins never cease to amaze me with their negativity, it had nothing to do with luck as you call it.
Zippyplayer asked a question, someone gave him an answer, why do you call that luck?

If you persist long enough with most things you'll eventually receive the answer, its called never giving up, not luck!