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Bonus bagging; was Alarian onto something?

Started by ross_lawuk, March 22, 2011, 05:49:03 AM

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After two years of playing roulette, I thought it was unbeatable and I moved on to matched betting, which I find less stressful.

However, I stumbled on Alarian's posts recently and he got the old roulette juices flowing again. Was he onto something with casino bonus bagging?

Among one of his posts, somebody mentioned taking advantage of bonuses by using a betting syndicate with poker. But could we 'bonus bag' with roulette. The majority of casino's have managed to get around bonus baggers by restricting blackjack; mainly by not allowing blackjack to count towards wagering requirements. But could we use a partner to bag a bonus in roulette. A bit like matched betting, (where the idea is that you appear to 'lose' free bets, but actually the funds to go into a betting exchange) we would do the following:

Player A bets to lose a set amount of bonus cash;
while Player B (our partner) bets to win what Player A loses.

So we would be recycling bonus cash into real money in somebody else's account.

There are a few issues:
Are casino's aware of this sort of strategy and are they likely to ban you?
Has somebody tried it and it doesn't work?
You would have to have a trusted partner, because they would end up with the cash in their account

Is there a strategy out there which suits our purpose? If there is, we would probably lose a small amount on the house edge. Given the large amounts of casino bonuses, that wouldn't really matter. And we wouldn't have to bother about wagering requirements because we wouldn't be betting through the funds lots of times; we'd be trying to 'lose' it as quickly as possible.

Please feel free to rip this to shreds: these are just initial thoughts.