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Ideas for this section
April 21, 2011, 11:58:02 PM
This section would be invaluable to serious players. But it should not be in the open if it contains valuable information. Remember the real people beating roulette arent glory hounds. It is kept low profile.

I have my own versions of this data for my players only. I'm after ideas for the VLS version. The initial thought that comes to mind is make this area require special permissions. I wouldnt expect it to be a busy section though. More like quality of quantity. Ideas anyone?



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Re: Ideas for this section
April 22, 2011, 03:44:47 PM

  Well, let's see.  Still another super secret, private section of a forum.  Yes, that's been done before albeit with a poor success rate at best.

   No need for a private area for roulette specific "data" as that's normally found in most forums anyway.

  No need for a private area for roulette specific "ideas" as that's been done to death and the members eventually drift off and discover other things.

  No need for a think tank as those are all over the place, with varying degrees of success, mostly none.

  However, a private area, devoid of clowns, trolls, jokes, Martingales, and open only by invitation, probably based on SEVERAL recommendations might just work out for awhile.

  If it grows, ever so slowly, it could even wind up actually being a productive area for serious and like minded players.   

  One needs only to read the message traffic on any of the boards to almost determine who plays, who dreams and who never even has a clue.

  Here's hoping you do get some good ideas for the private area and that it does work out eventually.

  However, you may find that your most desired member element may just be drifting through the forums, browsing and looking, but remaining silent.

  Hopefully this will be taken as it was intended, and that was as a constructive comment and not a bash at your idea.



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Re: Ideas for this section
April 22, 2011, 08:01:53 PM
I think It will be good idea if we post information about the casinos in our home towns and capitals of our republics. To be known the address of each casino in some cities. This is not very easy because I know very mutch casinos but dont know their exact address by streen, number and etc. If there are some "traps" in casinos it would be nice to share info for them.



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Re: Ideas for this section
April 23, 2011, 02:21:39 AM
Adulay, funny enough 99% of the people who could actually benefit from such a section wouldnt use it. Those infos is mostly passed on face to face or in emails/text messages/phone calls.  Those who really DO this, is almost never really active on the boards.  An exception is Kaisan and a few others.

A data base with more than 300 (possibly a lot more by now) casino detailed info already exists.  Only some 4 or 5 people has access to it and im not one of them.   To keep it updated is something which is done regularly, but things like noting strike diamonds and keeps them on record, is a data that gets outdated in 2 - 3 days and is meaningless.  Things like conditions, wheel types, balls used, NMB calls,  dealer and pit agressiveness, average of high bets and possible maximum,  is essential to know.

If a teams  average bet pr number is 50 - 100 euro and the maximum is 20 euro pr number, at a possibly good casino and there are maybe only 1 - 2 wheels at this casino, a team will most likely not play these wheels even if it was a 1 pin game. There take, if they didnt get so much attention that conditions changed before, would most likely only cover the costs and some pocket money.