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Victor's LW strategy

Started by edward20z3, May 16, 2011, 03:28:32 PM

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Does anyone know the guy in Ebay selling victor's LW system as his own? Goes by the name mgmprofits on ebay.  Claims he is a brilliant mathmetician and came up with this system but its just Victor's system copied from this forum i'm guessing.


System is garbage.   I have 2-3 different copies of it (slightly different than each other).

Nathan Detroit

This  guy is  a scammer . he was  banned from this board a few years ago. He was  known here as well as at another board as the  " BIB".

He went as far as  hijacking my  Avatar and posting his  bullshit under my name.  I addition  he was banned  from Gambler Glen.

He lives in Florida in the home  of his grand mother.  We saw  sattelite photos of this place   photos of the place..We had pictures of him as well as other  pertinent information.  information.His first name is  Johnny.

This  guy does not know anything about  prop gambling
Stay away  from him

Nathan Detroit


Just received another email  from the guy saying that Victor stole his system and is distributing it here illegally because he has the copyrights to the system.  His ebay profile says he lives in LV

Nathan Detroit

This  cat  apparently WALKED  to LV . By his own admittance he  is afraid  of flying.With all the cruise ship leavin sither Florida he  never botheres   taking a  gambling boat or  a sjort hop by plane to the  real casinos in Freeport
or Nassau ( 2 xcasinos ).

This  cat  cat did not even know how to describe a street ( lik 7/8/9) He called this   are you ready: A HORIZONTAL COLUMN .
When confronyed he blamed us speaking a " foreign" l.anguage.

Stay away from him. He is bluffing. No system is  copyrighted . This cat ain`t got  the scratcj.

In addition I woould like to add that IZAK Mataja , owner oof Let`s Tal Winnings " told him his systems are  of no value after he  looked  at it.

Tnis" Johnny G.  the  Bib  "   will  hate me  for   telling you this.if he knew.

Nathan Detroit