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Column Bets

Started by RobbieD, August 10, 2011, 08:01:45 PM

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Do a free spin - then bet 1 unit on the 2 columns it didn't land on. If you win, follow the same pattern.

If the ball lands on the same column again, double the bets to 2 units on both columns you bet previously.

If it lands on the same column again, increase bets to 4 units on each column.

If it lands on the same column again, increase bets to 8 units on each column.

If you hit that nasty column again, just keep flat betting with 8 units on each of those columns until you recover your original balance (or at least get close to it if you're not feeling brave). Then start over again.

If the zero is your big enemy, you could always try the ........... table. If not, treat the Zero as the column you are not betting on.

big money

i like waiting for the colum to have two hits ...then bet on the other two colums ...yee har dunno why but it works better than the dozens and this is based  on my backtesting usually bet for 4 times ..yee har !!!

Nathan Detroit

Very simple bet selection:

follow the colors  RED  or Black.

RED shows bet 1st and 3rd column

BLACK shows bet 1 st and second Column.

FLAT  BET only.

  Play at your own risk.


Any particular reason WHY this would win?
Most players tend to forget this: you need to know why you will win before you play.  If you dont know why, you are relying on luck. Full stop.


Nathan Detroit

WHO  promised you  anything about winning.? Your mind is  playing tricks  on you.

Are you of  the low information population   and don`t grasp that casino games are  just  for  recreation?

I have my doubts.

People like you should be ignored.

O yeah, players want  to know   before  hand if they can win. You are full of  saw dust in your brains.
  Both of these forums mare a big  kindergarten. No maturity.

Nathan Detroit

Count me out ll forums wherever they are have sunk to a new low  Little kiddies in the sand box.  Mommy I wanna win too.

Curtain call.


Hello again,

I am no "little kiddie".  Sorry you got it on the wrong side.
I actually am one of the very few here that has actually made a decent amount of money playing this game.  So before insulting me because I don't know anything, you should think twice.

I wrote the post because you very often come with betting methods and make it sound like it WILL win.  No you did not promise anything but what is the point?  I could post 1 000 methods like that next week if I wanted to.  Again, what is the point?


PS.  Please no more PMs.  I said all I had to say when I first came to this forum.  There was little interest then. Most people were too busy discussing Martingales and similar nonsense. So too late now.

Nathan Detroit

In all my 8 years here at the  VLS forum I posted   2 ( TWO ) methods  and that  is a far cry from"often".  I am not one of the  guys who post  new ideas on a daily  basis..

Included is always : For recreational purposes only . Pl;ay  at your own risk. I never promised any winnings  in any of those methods.

Nathan Detroit

Nathan Detroit

Nathan Detroit