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Started by Braveheart, September 03, 2011, 02:01:14 PM

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To make money at roulette many people jump right in before they are properly prepared.  You know that to be a rocket scientist, a doctor, a brick layer, a construction worker, an office worker, a teacher there are prerequisites, things you must learn, before you can be successful, you don't just jump right in unprepared.

The same applies to the roulette even though there are unsavory people out there who'd have you believe it's a "Walk in the Park" and requires no more than the belief that you can just do it.

And I'll have to admit, it is a walk in the park compared to what you have to put up with in the working world punching a clock being a subordinate to someone who does not have your interests in mind.
Most people will not make a dime on roulette and yet there are others who will make more in one month than most people make in a whole year.  Why is that?

My answer begins with the age-old chicken or egg question, "what comes first the chicken or the egg"? Personally I vote for, well never mind, each argument you or I make comes back to the same old conclusion - I have no clue and I don't think many of us do either.

But one thing I do have a clue about and know for sure is that to make money at roulette you must first have Passion for the roulette and very good system from which you expect to make money.

I will have to say that many players  are so good at what they do that they ignore passion because they can win anything.  But I'm concerned about those of you who are not so knowledgeable at playing an roulette successfully.

Now, I'm not trying to make anyone believe that Passion is the only thing necessary.  Because to be successful you must also have a good system  but sidestep Passion and you reduce your chances for success dramatically.

It therefore follows that, if you have no Passion for Roulette and good of instruction you won't attempt to do the work.

Remember before you step to play in Roulette first find the right system to be passionate about, without good system it may just cause you a lot of frustration instead of bringing you great success.



you can not compare roulette to bricklaying or doctoring. roulette is a unbeatable game all the experts agree on this.
is there any proof that somebody wins all the time. the casino records show no body wins in the long run.  all systems will lose in the long run. you may win today and tomorrow  but you never have a gurantee that you will win. i am on a winning streak but will it last. good luck

Mr J

"all the experts agree on this" >>> All the people that gave up, agree on this.



Quote from: Mr J on September 03, 2011, 08:48:20 PM
"all the experts agree on this" >>> All the people that gave up, agree on this.


Lol, true.


Quote from: Mr J on September 04, 2011, 12:47:21 PM
Is there a reason you put the SAME message on each post of yours? That'll be short lived, trust me.


Yah he proberly copied and pasted a post by MauiSunset :D