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Learning the Kimo Li way.

Started by PokerTwist1994, September 24, 2011, 01:15:26 AM

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Quote from: Plam on February 14, 2016, 05:22:38 AM
"Sancta simplicitas"
False start

Fool me once. Fool me twice.
I wasted A LOT of time and money on these so-called 'profitable' strategies.  I'm sure I won't be the last sucker, either.  Stick to the basics, there's nothing here as mentioned by ND. 


My english is Google.

Dear Lucky9,
My reply was not intended to offend you,sorry if so you understand it.
I will motivate later.

Successful day

Nathan Detroit

At another forum I was asked thie question about my winning method.:

One more question, are you using some recovery phase when you reach your loss limit 25-30%?<<<<<<<<


A recovery phase  does not exist in my MM system.  Even if I reach  the loss limit of 25 %  I  can still  leave the table a winner. Very simple   explanation I Never ever replay any net winnings but I am mandated   by my MM method to leave the table upon reaching the loss limit.

Simple  :   $ 85   net winnings  on a separate stack  less $ 60 loss limit.Who is the winner ? I or the casino ?

Kimo Li

People of this generation are lazy. Instant gratification appears to be the driving force behind self satisfaction. I would go on to further say that when it comes to roulette players who seek a strategy that will win without effort, are the same players who cannot remember most phone numbers on their cell phone.

You see, if anyone wants to be successful in roulette, they need to know the landscape of the wheel. Their brain needs to know some kind of reference point in order to calculate predictions. A computer can provide many options; however, have you ever tried to using your cell phone at the table, even if you are only using it to check messages. The pit boss gets right into your face, “Sir, no phones at the table.”

Why is that? The reason is because the casinos know that a computer can make instant calculations and provide optimum predictions for a favorable win. You have a computer. It’s your brain. Like I said, people of this generation are lazy and are quick criticize without having done any research.

You want to be a roulette player? Start by using your computer and memorize the numbers on the roulette wheel so that you have some sense of direction. You will be surprise what your brain can do. Keep in mind that is only the beginning. Lazy minds need not apply.

Nathan Detroit

I agree  with Kimo to make use of the computer BETWEEN  your ears. Ditto for knowing he precise location of each number  on the wheel .


Kimo Li

Something to ponder posted on my website.

I had sat down on a 4 - 8 limit poker game. I am in seat 9. To my right, seat 8 is an aggressive player, meaning he raises a lot. He will be my fish today. Seats 1, 2, 3 are rocks, meaning they play only premium hands, pocket aces, kings, queens,etc. I will be able to bluff them on certain hands, meaning the flop did not hit their hands.

Seat 4 and 7 are amateurs, meaning unpredictable. I will only play premium hands when I am in a hand with them. Seat 5, he is like me. He knows what he is doing. So I will respect his play, unless he tries to challenge me. Then, I will make an effort to put him in check by trapping him. Seat 6 is an unknown, stay out his way.

It is important to size up the table before one begins to pursue playing a poker game. The same holds true when playing roulette. I treat roulette like a poker game. I study the current trends and treat each trend like a poker player. When the trend changes, I contribute that to a player leaving and a new player sitting down.

Depending on the strategy of choice, based on what is trending, I can accumulate a mass amount of money in a short period of time with roulette. However, poker takes time because the pace is much slower than roulette. The principles are the same.

In four hours, playing poker I managed to make a profit of $410.00

Kimo Li

Kimo Li

It's been almost a year since my last post.

Something to ponder:

Roulette cannot be beaten by pure mathematics. Ask the math fanatics. Try to prove them wrong. They will torture you with proven facts. Instead, roulette can be conquered by the world of probability, data analytics, and significant statistics.  It's not a pure science, not by a long shot. However, the approach will surprisingly produce consistent results, much like today's weather predictions: probability, data analytics, and significant statistics.


Good evening, i'm really happy for explain kimo li strategies. I bought kimo li European Roulette many years ago. These strategies are very good and very good statistics for number patterns. But i don't understand many things. For the prediction how many spins ,or boule, are necessary for the attack? how did you recognize the way to follow to play these strategies? thanks to Kimo and the other players and scholar.

Kimo Li

Happy New Year everyone. Another year has passed since I had posted on this thread. I see there is a healthy group of roulette players still interested in the Kimo Li Way. There are a lot of hidden treasures here. I hope you find them. If you are on the fence about playing the Kimo Li Way, I can help you with your journey. Talk to you again in March 2020.

Kimo Li


TY Kimo for all ur info/input. I'll keep reading studying.
Catch you this coming march 2020.


Kimo Li

To learn more, go to kimoliroulette dot com


Greetings Kimi Li

I studied your way maybe 12,14
years ago. You opened my mind to a different approach.
Especially targeting sectors. I have spent 100,000,s of hours on roulette strategies over the years and eventually you have to find the one that personally works for the individual.
I found one that targets individual numbers based on their own unique frequencies. This took close to 20 years, is very unique and took a concentrated effort throughout. Reading everything I could, including some of your ideas, expands the mind on the journey.
Great to see you pop up Kimi every now and then, just like myself.

Wishing you continued success in your endeavors Kimo

All the Best


Kimo Li

Greetings everyone,

It's March 17, 2020. A whole year has past again. Happy Saint Patrick's Day. GPM followers are growing all over the world. Our latest member is from Germany. I wish all a great year, despite the Covid-19 virus issue. Remember family first.

Kimo Li

Another year has passed and what a year, enough said.

Learning the Kimo Li way

Kimo Li