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Parachuting origins
August 16, 2012, 04:53:23 PM
Parachuting evolve from the Manrique's Classic parachut , using a few parachuts on team , to attempt for profits.

Parachut A uses only classics parachuts

While B and C use reversed parachuts and hydrid parachut.

Parachuting B

Uses the first 20 units to try to win the sesion , moving foward on each position just as the classic parachut does, then once -20 is there parachuting B start using reversed parachuts , the positions that are hiting are very likely to hit again , thats why each time the C or B got a hit on a position they move depper into the board , while the ones who keep failing open looking for more numbers to cover until they reach a hit and they can close the board too.

pARAChut C

Wont start releasing parachuts until , find a hit , and they hydrids since the begin of the game , each start losing parachuts can start moving to safety of even bets , and getting out from the board until the next hit arrive , when they can continue closing the board , or if fail , open positions and getting out from there.

Parachuting need to be played with the xtreme turtle.

Slow Motion Falling Master.