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Disclaimer:  This is in no way the exact way Kimo Li does his calculations.  But having struggled in the beginning myself, I hope to give new Matrix and GPM students a simple thought on how manipulation of data and time can give you a powerful edge in calculations.

This is my attempt to share this basic thought:

Assuming you know that, in a year, there are 365 days.

Assuming you do NOT have a calendar on hand.   You can only see the sunrise and sunset.  you can see snow too (when it snows).  you can hear things happening on the streets.  Your aim is to guess correctly when is Christmas day (or very close to it).

You do NOT know what date it is today. 

So you observe the sunrise and and sunset and starts marking on the wall (you got to have a big wall unless you got a spreadsheet.. haha)

Here's the question to cut the whole thing short:  If you know that Christmas is not in the first 6 months you tracked, then it has to be in the next 6 months, right?

in the next 6 months, if you can narrow down the first 3 months do not contain Christmas, then it has to be in the last 3 months, isn't it?

so you wait patiently, and in the next 90 days of observation, the weather starts to get colder, etc.. (i don't really know this because I live in Asia haha).

the point is this, you will get to the point where you know if this week is not Christmas, then next week is.   so I start betting on the first day of next until the 7th day, you think I am going to get a hit?

The results on the wheel are not random.  It happens with cause and effect. (no not wheel memory).  If you study the cause, you can manipulate the data and know the pre-events to the main event.

right down to the exact week (sector).  And that, my friend, is close enough to give you an edge, so powerful enough that you can profit consistently.

Please pardon my lousy writing.  Hope someone can benefit from this thought.



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nice analogy lp.

at first i was betting 12numbers until i am somehow familiar on which sector the ball will land. then i trim it down to 9 then to 6-9 depends on situation.

now i am still perfecting the 6numbers hehehe  and hopefull bring it down to 4 numbers:D



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Kimo Li

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Here's a thought.

I have friends who I hangout with who do not know each other, roulette friends, poker friends, dog racing friends, wood working friends etc.

Each belong to a different groups and they have only one thing in common, me.

Roulette numbers can be grouped the same way, all different, but share that one thing in common.  The key is all numbers are star numbers and they form groups that appear awkward and unimaginable.

Kimo Li
"Keep it in check," The Random Roulette Spin, Kimo Li



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As if I didn't have enough to think about right now, I will think on it.  At first blush it sounds_________________.  (While I'm thinking, I'll think of that word.

A pancake is only pretty on one side but a waffle is beautiful on both.



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Keep going all guys digging the knowledge.

Thanks Kimo. Another thought from you adds clarity.

Matrix. Ball movement. Nuke preferred.
Every number is a star number is the key.

Who else wants to share awareness and thoughts on matrix study?

Please add. Thanks to all.