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Red Shift

Started by nullified, January 30, 2013, 01:08:10 AM

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Red Shift

This system is intended for playing on Reds.  There are two Phases, the first requiring completion before reaching the second.

Both Phases require you to bet on Red, and only Red - and only after it has shown.

Phase One

Only play after a Red has shown; even when you happen to be in the hole, and you never ever play on Black.

Your goal for this Phase is simple: to win 3 in a row on Red.  Every win of 3 will wipe out any accumulated losses and put you into a profit position, ready for Phase 2.

Rather than try to win back all your losses in one fell swoop, you are going to be satisfied with 3 consecutive wins.  But I have to warn you: you cannot stop at only a single win, or even two wins back to back.  It must be 3.

You will be winning a minimum of $2 during Phase 1.  This will allow you to play Phase 2 without fear of losing your profit.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is a simple positive progression Phase, where you lock in all your profits as you slowly increase your bets in an attempt to make some quick money until your run of Reds ends.


Let me go over the rules again before I give an example of how to play.

Rule #1 - Only bet on Red, and only after it has shown.  No betting on Red while Black is showing. 

Rule #2 - You must play to get 3 consecutive wins to ensure a profit during Phase 1.

Rule #3 - You cannot start Phase 2 until you've fully completed Phase 1 and are in a profit position.

The Play

I realize that it might be confusing to tell you that all you need are 3 consecutive wins to wipe out all losses and put you into a positive profit.  But here is how you are going to do it:

When your bankroll is in the negative (i.e., you are losing money) you will simply divide the amount that you are down by 3, and then add 2 to that result.

So, if you find yourself down -$15, you divide -$15 by 3 and add 2.  This equals $5 + $2 = $7.  Now your next 3 bets on Red will be $7.  If you win the first bet you are only down -$8.  If you then win the second bet, you are only down -$1.  If you also win the third bet, you are now at +$6, and are ready for Phase 2, the progression Phase.

While in Phase 1, a loss on any of your bets requires you to recalculate, wait for a Red to show, then start again with your 3 bets.

So if we had lost our first bet of $7, we would then be at -$22.  Our next 3 bets would be (22/3) + 2 = 9.  Then we wait for Red to show again and bet $9, hoping for 3 consecutive wins.

Once we've won at Phase 1, we move on to Phase 2. Since Red is still showing, we use a slow progression for the next several bets, stopping as soon as we lose once.  The progression for Phase 2 is: 1,1,2,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 ... and we add +1 for every bet following, as long as Red continues to show.  This way, if we hit a long string of +15 or more Reds, we'll be profiting all the way with no fear of losing our original profit from Phase 1.

A Modification

Dividing our losses by 3 and adding 2 to find our next 3 bets is easy - unless our total losses for the session is less than -$12.  I mean, if your losses are only at -$4, by using this formula you'll be trying to divide -$4 by 3 and adding 2, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

It's easier therefore to have a predetermined bet for anything under $12.
The Predetermined Bets for less than -$12 are:

If we're at +$1, +$0 or -$1, we bet $1 for our 3 bets.
If we're at -$2, -$3 or -$4, we bet $2 for our 3 bets.
If we're at -$5, -$6 or -$7, we bet $3 for our 3 bets.
If we're at -$8, -$9 or -$10, we bet $4 for our 3 bets.
If we're at -$11, -$12 or -$13, we bet $5 for our 3 bets.

Anything beyond -$13, we will use the formula B=(L/3)+2, as stated before.

An Example

Let's say you start playing and this is the run you get:

B - no bet
B - no bet
0 - no bet
R - Red finally showed, follow it & start Phase One with a $1 bet on Red.
R - Win (+$1). Bet $1 on Red.
B - Loss (0). Next bet on Red will be $1. (No bet yet).
B - No bet
B - No bet
R - Red finally showed; bet $1 on Red.
R - Win (+$1). Bet $1 on Red again.
B - Loss (0). Wait for Red to show.
R - Red showed, bet $1 on Red.
B - Loss (-$1); wait for Red again.
0 - No bet
B - No bet
R - Red showed, bet $1 on Red.
R - Win (0). Bet $1 on Red again.
R - Win (+$1). Bet $1 on Red again.
R - Win (+$2). Start Phase Two Bet at $1.
R - Win (+$3). Next Bet  for Phase Two is $1 again.
B - Loss (+$2). Loss. This ends the session at +$2.

Although we did not win a whole lot of money on this session, we did accomplish some things that other systems do not.  First, we avoided huge drawdowns by not betting while Black or Zeros were showing.  Second, we gave ourselves an opportunity to win more money by following streaks. And third, we concentrated our efforts on not losing FIRST, and THEN pursuing greater profits, while ensuring that we actually did still come away with a small profit.

I think you get the idea of how to play.

By the way, you may use any of the Even Chances (obviously), but avoid playing opposites at the same time; you don't want to get dragged into a losing session of R-B-R-B-R-B-R-B-R-B-R-B-R-B-R, because you decided to play Reds and Blacks at the same time.  If you're going to play more than one Even Chance at once, make sure it's just one colour, one Even/Odd, or one High Low.


green meanie

I tried this. A f**king disaster, I lost 760 units in an hour.
Do me a favour, in you have any other systems, keep them to yourself


Quote from: green meanie on March 16, 2013, 12:38:28 PM
I tried this. A f*****g disaster, I lost 760 units in an hour.
Do me a favour, in you have any other systems, keep them to yourself

Same went for me.  Every single time it was a total disaster.  Lost quickly too.  When it hits RBRBRBRB even if you're not playing the black you're still doomed. 


Thank you Null.

I played this in free mode simultaneously at live dealers;
Dublinbet and Fairway for 1 hour.

Dub was a profit of 27 units and 76 playing zero.

Fairway was +19 units and 102 from zero.

I also played the same unit value on Dozens and H/L when triggered.

So far I like it a lot.


Hey Nully,

I've been looking for a SIMPLE winning even money bet to go with my
single/double dozens bet for some time.

Your two approaches work very well, this one, and your post about the
four-step Marty.

I did find this other system on Steve's website under "free systems"

My free account at Fairway Casino went from $1,400 to $2,709 last night
using $10 units and I made 38 units this morning in about 20 minutes at
Jackpot247 air ball.


Works on even money bets, H/L, O/E, R/B

Here is the progression. Whatever my reference is at any time,
I will follow this progression,

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8,  stop?  13, 21, 34

and for the opposite I use the following,

2, 4, 8, 16, 32, stop? 64, 128, 256

Lets say the first spin result is red, I will bet 1 unit on the
red and 2 on the black. If the next spin result is red again,
I will bet 1 unit on the red and 4 on the black, Lets say red
comes out again, I bet 2 units on the red and 8 on the black.
Now, lets say black comes out, well, I start my progression
again. I will bet 1 unit on the black and 2 on the red.

The stop is there for those without a large bankroll.

Why not bet the difference and save some $$$ from the zeros?

Try 1-3-6-13-27-56-115-235-478

This makes more sense and makes more money.

There is a lot more to read at Steve's site about this approach.