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Started by memorabilis1234, July 07, 2013, 11:43:50 PM

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Guys,it will be hard for you to accept this,but you are far away from the truth.If anyone wanna know the truth about electronic roulettes,how they work, reply here,or pm on my mail.Its normaly to think that im joking you,but i will explain you everything for free.

Btw im new to this website/forum.I made this acc just to help to everyone for free.I made over 800.000 euros in the casinos in Macedonia.
Now im banned from playing electronic roulettes  in Senator clubs and other casinos.If any1 is interested reply here.


I'm intrested about electronic rouletts. And i would like to know how they work.


ok... please continue:) you got my attention


I'm interested about electronic roulette's.

I would like to know how they work.


My email address is:  jrhelp007@yahoo.com



Ok first of all,i wanna say hello to every1,becouse im new to this forum.I will tell you first my story,how i begin,and how everything started,how i discovered how it works and how can be beaten.Im 25 y old now .I started playing electronic roulettes with another friend since February 2005,in Skopje the capital city of Macedonia.In that time there were only major casinos,with live dealers and only 4 automated electronic roulettes in the town,and all of them were Alfastreet RK8(those are Slovenian machines ) which are the most popular on Balkan and maybe in Europe too.On the begining i was not going so often,but after 2-3 months i started going almost every day 3=5 hours per day,and i spended the rest of the day in study how this machine works.On the begining we started like every beginner,and we were mostly loosing more than winning.After 3 years of playing and study (in 2008) i started to hit 2-3 correct numbers in a row,without any missing.After a while,we were predicting 30-50 correct numbers directly, out of 140,and most of the others were in correct sector.Yes...numbers,not sectors,exact numbers,i will explain in details how we were doing this,and we can still do  it,just not in our country.


Ok lets start.It will be hard for all of you to understand this,becouse you will need to throw everything you know in water,and accept this new way of thinking,and playing,in a shor period of time.Remember,this is a project that I worked on last 7-8 years,so for a beginner it will be hard as hell.I wanna say on the begining,that,everyone that tells u that there is an fixed method,a software,or any other tool,is wrong,or he lies you.The only thing,that you can use during roulette is your brain.I dont care if you will believe,or you wont believe in what I will speak in next posts,I know for myself that its a clear truth,and you have a choice to refuse it or accept it.Lets Go!
Many players(around 80% ) think that electronic roulette is beatable by predicting with mechanic eye AKA (cameras or other tools that predict where the ball will land )and they are also playing on this method which is totaly wrong,and it will destroy your bankroll with a speed of the light.The firs versions of automated electronic roulettes(which were released in 1998) were beatable on that way,but in next generation,they implemented anti-cheat system called Storm Simulator,which protects the roulette from cheating like using FF cameras and similar tools.So,how this simulator work?I will explain now.I guess you alredy expirienced this thing : The ball lands in your played sector(for example lets say Zero Spiel) and it jump like crazy,and go in opposite sector.Many peoples cry about this( I can say for sure 99% of the players) and they say "Look what the roulette is doing,is totaly rigged" .But,I guess,you also expirienced this,the ball falls down in the opposite sector,and the magnets are pulling to your sector,so you win.So why?Isnt just better for the machine to burn your bankroll,when the ball alredy falled in the opposite sector ?Why it needs to pull the ball up when the job is done?Thats the Storm Simulator that im talking about,his job is to avoid the use of electronic tools such as cameras that predict where the ball will land.Second thing,the machine pick up the number by sofisticated algorithms(which are creating RNG numbers,and you will see how the human brain can be connected with those numbers,I know that it sound a bit crazy and SCIFI,but its true),so the number is chosen before the spin,so the spin,is only visual simulation.Remember,the number is chosen before the spin.Many peoples think that first the ball lands,than the machine reads the number,which is not true..Think about this,If the electronic roulette have different speed of the rotor and ball,for each number,than it will be measurable with cameras and other tools,and they cant provide different speed for any number becouse its too hard and 1mm can change total traectory of the ball,and it wont hit in the correct number which is choosed by the program.Thats the way why they implemented the Simulator.Under every number and diamond(I guess you know what is diamond) there is a magnet.The purpose of this magnet is to control the ball movement and to simulate the spin,and to take care of the ball for falling in the correctly chosen number by the RNG.To be more easy for understanding I will explain it on this way too : Lets say,number 26 is chosen by the RNG,the compressor throws the ball in the game,and the ball falls in down near number 10,so what the machine will do to hit the correctly chosen number?it will use the magnets,becouse the ball is in opposite number then the chosen one.SO remember,every mechanic method,every use of any kind of tool is simple fail,no matter do you believe or not,this is how it works.The first thing,when I earned those 800 000 euros before I was banned,I buyed an electronic roulette Alfastreet R8 for 25.000 euros,from Bulgaria.You know why I buyed this ?Just to be sure that im right.I was alredy winning everywhere,but in any case,I wanted to be sure in everything I discovered in last 7 years.I opened the machine,and now I know every bit of information about it,the whole principle of working.I supposed to be totaly correct with my thinking.The last place where I played was in Hamburg Casino in Germany,where I was on vacation,becouse I cant play in Macedonia.In next post I will explain you how to use ur visual system  and the logicof the brain and the table of results,so you can conncect to the RNG.There is no infinite and constant betting system that will allow you to win always,in fact,it will get worse and worse.The secret is in your brain,if you use it propertly you can win 9/10 times large amounts of monney.Today I can hit for example  3 of 10 spins in correct number which is 3x36 =x108 payout.In next post I will explain how.Thanks and sorry for my shitty english xD


Hi, I'm interested in your findings and would like to learn more about this.

My email address is dean111@gmail.com



very interesting, please go on.


Memo - buying an Alpha street is a big move but paid off big time from what you say. Where to now with your 800k Euros ?

What do you know about other auto wheels ? Interblock Organic has caused a lot of forum debate in recent weeks. Many maintain that these auto wheels are fair. I've been saying that they are RGN EGMs (electronic gaming machines) and they all legally cheat players ?

Take your time with your English writing. Remember to make spacing paragraphs within your sentence groups, it's much easier to read. Check your spelling & grammar.

Proof read everything you write to make sure everything makes sense in English as best you can, not in your own language.

Hope to hear more from you soon.


I think your English is good.


Quote from: memorabilis1234 on July 10, 2013, 02:22:54 PM
Under every number and diamond(I guess you know what is diamond) there is a magnet.The purpose of this magnet is to control the ball movement and to simulate the spin,and to take care of the ball for falling in the correctly chosen number by the RNG.


  You know, it will take some sort of documentation to substantiate that statement in order for me to even think about taking this discussion seriously.

  I will continue to read this thread with interest and hope to see more "facts" in the future.



would a magnet work. I have never seen a steel ball on a roulette wheel.


Pins - Synthetic core, steel spherical subskin with synthetic outer skin or similar ? Rare earths now allow smaller & more powerful magnets. Maybe they have a small series of micro magnetic rods within the ball ? Way back in science at school I remember 1 set of magnetic fields attract & the other fields repel. Say negative & positive.

With a series of powerful elecro mini magnets behind each ball pocket & probably the ball track too they can surely maniplate the magnetic fields either positive or negative & so direct the ball as per program.

Wheel maker Cammergh do similar with air. Their site talks about the features on their airball wheels like random rotor speeds & discrete air jet holes in the ball track & wheel pockets. This now allows them to have bets after the ball is spun.

Casinos make a lot of extra money from dealer wheel last bets. This now lets the casino make even more money from auto wheels.  Wheel trackers now fail on these because of the manipulation features. They even say where the ball would have landed without the speed control & how it lands on the opposite side with it active.

They even have a short video demonstrating this feature, Cammergh - worth a look.
Most live B & M auto wheels I've seen have a much larger wheel, pockets & ball. Can you name one B & M auto wheel that matches a dealer wheel & ball in size ?

As I've said on other threads auto wheels are EGMs (electronic gaming machines) with RNG player interactive manipulation. They aren't real deal random spun dealer wheels. This is official classification worldwide by gaming authorities. Every gaming device has a classification. Slots/poker machines head the EGM/RNG list.

Auto wheels are designed to look like a dealer random spun wheel to win your heart & mind. Once they do that then the last step is to win your money. Not everyone loses but more lose than win. This is nothing new with all gambling as most people bet dumb & DONATE their money to the venue regularly. 


Quote from: pins on July 14, 2013, 01:29:43 AM
would a magnet work. I have never seen a steel ball on a roulette wheel.

it may be inside. But anyway such kind of deception...Some Croatians say that their roulette wheels have magnets legally, and everybody knows it.

but using magnets...weird anyway.