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Started by memorabilis1234, July 07, 2013, 11:43:50 PM

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Well! He made sound like it was as easy as picking low hanging fruits.

Try as I might I cannot figure out what he meant exactly.

I dont mind ''complex''. Try me if you know anything and wish to share your knowledge.




Has anybody talked/contacted with Memo? This is very interesting what he said.

His skype is no more in use I guess

Would love to hear at least some hints



your winning out of 10 is utterly worrisome. my strategy winning out of ten is 9/10. I use mathematic formula to play likely numbers to hit. I usually play 27 numbers (that is 9 rows) and wins consistently. its weird but true - I live in Namibia and you may email me at patheks10@gmail.com to show you and you may test me by sending some numbers and will tell you what number will come up as winnings. cheers


I am posting here for the first time.   I want to discuss the 1st generation and 2nd generation of Alpha Street machines.  I know few are still in operation.   Some are still in Fort Lauderdale, Fl and Arizona casinos.   Wording this carefully,  I have found some advantages and many tendencies.  I have some questions how these machines operate.  for example,  do all the alpha machines  release the ball  after final bet cutoff?   While the casino also adjusts the minimum bet for week day and weekend play, I also suspect they adjust other factors on the machine .  For instance, the time of day/night when playing the machine and payouts.   Please feel free to direct message me , if you want to discuss Alpha Street Roulette.


Anyone live  near Tampa or Fort Lauderdale and paly the Alpha Machines at HR?