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'Don't trust betvoyager roulette !!!!!!!!!!!

Started by jekhb1976, July 10, 2013, 03:15:03 AM

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Quote from: mcmonaco on July 13, 2013, 06:19:01 PM

Don't as you won't find any,and have in mind many members on diff.forums areaffiliated to talk positively about it,including gentleman talking about it here.

You have to be careful throwing accusations like that around 'Sir'..............as someone may ask you prove it.  :rtfm:

I am not affiliated to any organisation/casino/gaming outlet.
and anyone is welcome to check.  :)

(Is that Flat-In-O/Teo/mcmonaco/Ivica is it? Thought so, I only had to look at one of the two Excel sheets
(that U have posted in here) to know it was you.)
Such a dead give away of your "definite" style.  :scratch_ones_head:
Good evening Ivica, Winter gentlemen.  :pleasantry:


Superman & Chrisbis your points taken  & accepted.

I wish you continuing good fortune on BV.

Chrisbis - STUPID (adjective) or STUPIDLY(adverb) all refers to the betting by JEK not to JEK himself (he seems to be M.I.A.?) If you check any decent dictionary you'll see many different contexts for both words that has now found accepted usage over many generations. Have sharp blade, have hair, carefully cut hair, hair now said to be split. 



QuoteIs that Flat-In-O/Teo/mcmonaco/Ivica is it? Thought so

Yeah Chris its that old fool SFH2


Sorry for the delay,

I don't feel i have to comment on what others think or feel of betvoyager. I just put this online as a warning for people how are ready to invest their hard earned money on that online casino.

I have lost over 2000 euro's. it was the biggest mistake i've ever made.
I wish i had screenshots to proven things, but i was to deep in the game to think about that. I wish i did.

sinds a couple of days i play at another online casino (kroon casino) from holland. with my cold 9 number system. and i have made almost 300 euro's in three days. this is no luck, this is a trusted casino. who welcomes system players like me. I hope that in a couple off weeks i have made my loss a betvoyager back.

So for all thos people out there on this forum, please play at a trusted casino, and don't make the same mistake i mad.
i have learned a hard lesson.

thanks everyone and have a nice day.



 :thumbsup: You can be sure it's a scam.I contacted theyr suppor and no reply.Playtech casinos are trusted.
Quote from: jekhb1976 on July 10, 2013, 03:15:03 AM
Hi There,

For people who are thinking to play at Betvoyager.com think again.

For the last couple of weeks I lost a lot of money, and i mean a lot.!!!!

Rare things that happend to me when i was playing my system. this has nothing to do with roulette but with ripping of people.

Have you ever seen 7 times nummer 23 came up in a row ??????????? or 18 black followed by 15 red followed by 19 red followed by 15 black???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

or when you have 26 numbers coverd on the board and the wheel shows 10 times the numbers you don't want ???????????????????
let's say i have numbers coverd from 0 to 25 and the only numbers that are not coverd are 26-27-28-29-30-31-32-33-34-35-36

and each time the ball lands on the 10 numbers for 10 times in a row without hitting your betting numbers ????????????? come on please ! If people are saying they don't cheat, ok for them, but betvoyager isn't gonna get more money out of me. I wil be searching for a trusted casino.