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Follow the Dozen repeater

Started by yobet, August 11, 2013, 09:30:06 PM

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Hi ... I'm new and just started some roulette online (real money , low stakes). This is a system what worked for me.

So I look for a repeating dozen. When I get a repeating dozen I wait untill the streak is over and bet 1 unit on the new dozen. At win, reset and track again, you have +2 units. When lose, put 2 units on the same dozen (so now we have 3 units in). At win you get +3 units. If lose again you can decide, either reset and track again (so you've lost 3 units) or put 2 units again on the same dozen (now we have 5 units in). If you win this, you're now +1 unit, if lose reset track again and take your losses (-5 units).

I've done this with low stakes (0.10 euro) and although it has small stakes, I've got some good results :). And now I'm using 1 euro.

So I'm hoping after the repeating dozen, the next dozen will also repeat it's self or in 2 (of 3) spins will drop on that dozen. To minimize losses I stop at maximum -5 units. Oh when during betting you get a 0, you consider this a lose. If you get a 0 during tracking, reset and track again.

I've only used this at one online casino, not yet in a real casino.

I'm not a big time player, but it helped me to get my stack from 50,- to 120,- in 2 days. For me .. that's a lot :). And with the euro 1,- stakes, I usually set a target to win 10,- then stop and come back later.

So for me, this is my personal holy grail because

1) cannot bust if you just walk away when down -5 units. Just start over
2) can recovers fast

I don't have the software, but if anyone can cook up a graph or test this with actuals .. that would be nice.