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6 double streets

Started by Mr J, August 24, 2013, 09:49:26 PM

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Nathan Detroit


Like Sydney ,    our one  casino towns are operating the same  way  to keep their customer base  happy  and lure them backi to their casino. offering free rooms, food  comps,free tickets to  special events . etc .

But there is only ONE Las Vegas   a tourist magnet.




Quote from: Nathan Detroit on August 29, 2013, 01:46:25 PM
YOU don`t know the Las Vegas  Casino mindset..   WE WIN -----YOU LOSE !!  More knowledgeable  people than you know  what they are talking about.

That's about it.  Consistent winners are soon "shown the door".  But big winners are wined and dined because there can be no other reason than luck for that.  (Cheating is an issue only for big wins, so casinos like to let those wins continue to check for which form of cheating.)

Casinos are only slightly less owly than the gambling boards.  Embarrass the moderators, and you're soon muzzled.