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Martingale Back-to-Back Repeater

Started by Crash, October 29, 2013, 03:51:17 AM

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Hi there.

I have been trying to brainstorm on a system that would make me at least £50 - 100 / day, with a bankroll of no more then £1k.

I need some thoughts on this ... In particular the answer to a question - what would you say is the maximum number of spins without a back-to-back repeater ? I have attached a document on a betting pattern that I am thinking of using, presuming you guys will tell me that in 100 spins at least 1 number will repeat itself.

I have also been thinking of two other Martingale adapted systems

1. progressive betting on 1 dozen, but not on a sleeping dozen, but on the winning one - using the same presumption that after no more then say 15 spins, one dozen will repeat itself - ie. 2, 4; / 14, 17; / 23, 35/ - how many spins without a dozen repeating itself have u seen ?

2. The oldest red/black Martingale but again betting on the winning colour - presuming that no more then 10 spins would go without a colour repeating itself. How many times have u seen red/black alternating like that, without a single colour repeat ?

I'm based in London, I gambled at most of the casinos in Central London and around - mostly for 'fun' but now it's time to get back some money from it... so i'm new to this forum and new to professional play.

How many people are there that actually make a steady profit from roulette?  Through hard work of course.

What thoughts have you got on SuperCasino? ( the sky tv casino )

Thank you.. I really appreciate this forum, I believe it has a lot of good information.


sleeping dozen on rng seen 27 spins till come in and this has happened three times.
In three years seen the dozen rise from 16 to the present 27.