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Column/Dozen Combo

Started by leroy, December 29, 2013, 11:07:11 PM

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Two separate methods combined works very well.

Give it a test run to see what you think...

Column Bet

The bet is always the same.

Bet 1 on C1 and C2
Bet 2 on C1 and C2
Bet 3 on C2 and C3
Bet 4 on C2 and C3
Bet 5 on C1 and C3
Bet 6 on C1 and C3
Then start over.

After first logging in look at the board to see the previous spins. If Column 1
has just hit twice start the betting sequence from Bet 3 (C2 and C3).

The progression is positive, up on a win, reset on a loss.

5,5 5,5 7,7 7,7 10,10 Then start over.

When the Column Bet is hitting you will make good profit fast. If you get three losses
in a row on the Column Bet change the sequence (if you happen to be at Bet 4 and
you have lost three in a row change the sequence at start at Bet 1).

Dozens Bet

The Dozens can be tricky. A Marty or Labby progression can, and will, crash. Or you
will hit the table max or risk too much in an attempt to come around to profit.

So, an option is to track 4-5 spins and bet on the dominant Dozen with 1,1,2,3.
After a hit track another 4-5 spins and bet on the dominant again.

For some reason, D2 and D3 usually follows D1. So when D1 hits I bet on D2 and D3
for 2 spins. 1,1 3,3

Another set up is a Dozen that has slept for 6 spins. Bet on it using my Single Dozen
Progression. vlsroulette.com/index.php?topic=20903.0

Obviously betting on one Dozen pays more but betting on two covers more numbers
so to me it seems a combination of both is best.

the sequnce to