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Auto-Bet Stategy

Started by leroy, January 11, 2014, 08:26:12 PM

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Looking for an auto-bet method where I can place the bet, select auto-bet, then
take the wife out to dinner and come home to find I made $100 and covered the
cost of dinner.

Am I dreaming? or crazy?

I came up with one such bet but I'm still testing it. It's been running on auto-bet
at Fairway Casino for about 2 hours and has made $75.

I play dozen 1 and 3, Red, High, and the second Column.

2 units on the two dozens (4 total)
2 units on one the column
3 units on red
3 units on high

Here's the results...

10 numbers profit 6 units
15 numbers break-even
9 numbers pay 6 units, (6 unit loss)
3 numbers total loss

The win/loss odds seem OK, considering 25 numbers
either return profit, or break-even.

Anyone have a better bet selection for auto-bet for a crazy dreamer.


More craziness. Auto-Bet System 2.

I place the bet, click auto-bet and go to bed. I wake up
the next morning to discover I made $200 while asleep.

1 unit on the first 5 six-lines.
1 unit on column 2.
1 unit on column 3.

7 unit buy-in


20 numbers pay 9 units.
10 numbers pay 6 units. (1 unit loss)
4 numbers pay 2 units. (5 unit loss)
3 numbers are a total loss.

Anyone know the odds? Which is better so far, System 1 or 2?


Keep testing, my friend. If your idea of a romantic meal is at McDonalds then you might achieve it.

I think this flat bet, along with all the others, will mean you will eventually be cleaning dishes to pay the bill.

However, keep us posted....you never know.


We prefer Jack-In-The-Box, they got jalapeno poppers.

So you think, for instance System 1, that pays a profit, or breaks even
on 25 numbers is not good? Any specific reason why.



Not good enough to put real money on.

It doesn't tank, more like slowly drowning.