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3rd standard deviation + high interval

Started by AlexNotman, February 20, 2014, 11:31:06 AM

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I've been looking for a way to beat roulette since... years. Few years ago I got an idea but I haven't got enough time to find out is it working or not cause it takes thousand of spins to check it.

I read John Solitude guide and started wondering if we can use standard deviation to increase our chances playing roulette. I've started analysing. I've noticed that when it gets to - 3rd standard deviation PLUS there is high interval, roulette is going to level (can't find proper word, English isn't my first language :)

As John said:

"Than there are two possibilities when a - 3 St.D occurs:

1) It is improbable (but not impossible) the negative trend would continue, so players hoping the trend would start to swing mildly or severely towards the average, do have the correct presumption that any balanced game will in the long run produce outcomes that hover around the average (so one could 'profit' from the natural tendency of balanced outcomes)."

As I said - we need - 3 SD AND interval. Just - 3SD or just interval (even extreme high) isn't enough. These must come up together. How high this interval should be? I used to use "99% entry point level" from John Solitude guide.

For egzample:

We've noticed that First Dozen got -3.05 SD. We've noticed as well that First Dozen didn't come up since 12 spins. So we start playing, betting on our First Dozen.
What's important: we've got to base on a couple of hundreds spins AT LEAST. At the moment I've benn writing down about 500 spins every day (live automatic roulette wheel), add it together at the end of the day, next day wait these 300 spins and then analysing if there is a chance to play.

From my experience: if there was at least - 3 SD and high interval I never lost. I used to bet flat until reach profit level. Is up to you if - for egzample - playing EC for 1 euro you're happy of earning 5 euro or you wait longer.

Some egzamples (I forgot to write down intervals but they definitely happened):

I. Betting single numbers:

1. Started betting when  -3 SD occurs, WAITED FOR ROULETTE TO BREAK INTERVAL - it's crucial, and then single number come up in spin number: 7,40, 24, 14, what gives us average of 21.15.
2.  Started betting when - 3 SD occurs, waited for roulette to break interval, and then single number come up in spin number: 31, 47, 7, 11, which gives us an average of 24.

II. Betting splits:
1. Started betting when  -3 SD occurs, waited for roulette to break interval, and then split come up in spin number: 34, 14, 40, 40
(at this point SD rised to -3.15 and what happened? whe got split in spin number: 1, 6, 9, 9, 1, 20, 31, 3, 16, 7, 22, 20, 5, 5, which gives us an average of 15.7.

III. Betting sector of three numbers:

Entering when -3SD and proper interval occured. Below - spins numbers when these three number came up after roulette broke interval:

1. 17, 6, 9, 1, +45.
2. 1, +33.
3. 7, 2, +45.
4. 27, 4, 12, 5, 6, +18.
5. 11, 7, 1, +49.
6. 26, 3, 12, 21, 2, 1, +23.
7. 13, 25, 19, 1, 7, 3, 18, 17, 3, +9.
8. 9, 2, +28j.
9. 5, +21.
10. 7, 7, +30.
11. 4, +24.

As we can see - we wouldn't lose. The thing is - waiting for -3SD ad high interval takes time. You can get three chances a day to start betting and you can wait 3 days for that (when I writing down 500-700 spins a day).

Yesterday I got - 2.97 SD playing dozens plus interval of eight (not that high as expected but still high) so I've started betting for 0.5 pounds. I got this dozen in spins numbers: 1,5,6 what gave me +1.5 pounds.

Same day: -3.12 SD on dozes (extreme high) plus interval of seven. I started betting for 0.5 pounds as well. I got this dozen i spins numbers: 1,2,4 what gave me +2.5 pounds.

It looks very promissing. I wouldn't mentioned about it but for now I've never lost so I'm going to spend as much time as I can to find out if it works in long run.


I RX coded this for all events (LOWEST LONGEST.dgt) as part of an ongoing project.

It doesn't beat a Zero wheel long term, even with such extreme deviations. However good news in that it beats no zero wheels...or BV to be specific.

Just takes a loooooooooooong time and requires 4000 x 1u BR.

Best tip I can give is look at the shorter term deviations....any session over 200 spins is too long in terms of time v drawdown v profit.