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1,000,000 spins and still standing.

Started by Mr. Investable, April 02, 2014, 12:58:15 PM

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Mr. Investable

Been working on a system for a while now and its passed 10K 100K and 1M spins consecutively.
Draw downs can be big and long. Which means a large bankroll and great patients will be required.
All test have been on a No Zero table.
Id just like a 2nd opinion on the results and If any one is a big standard deviation nerd I could use your advice in particular.



The profits seem to have happened near the end, but still its an achievement to have good results after that many spins. Was it flat betting or progression? What else could you tell us about the method?


In reality would this work on BV no zero ?

Going off the chart the money making ramp up doesn't start until around 730,000 spins. Manually playing the game at 1 spin every 6 seconds = 10 spins per minute & 360 spins per hour means playing for 5 & 1/2 months every day @ 12 hours per day ? Very difficult to imagine being "chained" to the computer for over 2,000 hours ?

From other discussions on BV & even playing with a bot 24/7 would take 2 & 3/4 months. BV casino reserves the option (like most casinos) to limit or refuse a players bets. BV wouldn't stand idly by & watch a bot or a marathon man player eventually reap generous rewards ?

I'm no expert on BV but there's perhaps 100's of players using bots on BV no zero ? BV casino has tweaked their bet program over time. One thing I remember a long time back was that they blocked no result differential betting to just get a free spin of the wheel. Simultaneous same value bets like RED & BLACK or HIGH/LOW. I'm not sure if BV allows x6 - 6 line bets or similar (probably not ?) ?

Just recently someone mentioned BV limits play time to 24 hours ? After which a complete A/C reset is needed. This was their response to stopping continuous set & forget bot play.

This is like many things, it all sounds good in theory but in practice it just doesn't succeed.


Sometimes they do clamp down on the 0 bet but just change your combo eg.

3 Low
1 19-24
2 3rd Dozen

This works but sometimes they clock on so...

1 1-3
1 4-6
1 7-9
1 10-12
2 13-18
2 19-24
3 3rd Dozen

Etc... there are too many combinations to police without limiting the game.

Forget playing roulette manually online...or bricks and mortar unless you are rich and can afford to lose due to the slow speed and higher limits.  You are right about bot speed at BV 300-360 is about right. No such thing as intuition online....bot buys you the time and ability to wait for the rare events.

The 24 hr cutoff is a real consideration....they are clever peeps. The main consideration this being the case is drawdown drawdown drawdown as with all "mechanical" systems but more so there as they also DC after around 30 mins inaction on the new software.

I can show you a graph of a system staying some 20,000units+ after 4,500,000 PLACED BETS on single zero but the drawdown is 5x what you would make in 3 years playing it with a bot.

Kinda makes you wonder if its worth it!  :scratch_ones_head:


PS. What did you think of the system I sent you in return Mr I? Have a bash on no 0 with 50% on line 20 on RX only though its not a winner unless your risk tolerance is masseeeeeve!

In fact see if anyone else has any feedback!..... I will post the same StdDev based RX file to see if we can spark discussion.