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Started by daveylibra, June 03, 2014, 07:46:57 PM

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One last bit....

If you for whatever the reason cant make it to a b&m casino or dont seem to get it about roulette or whatever casino gambling or if you've not made up your mind about whichever online punting you might want to indulge in, this is my personal recommendation-

1. Binary options

2. There 2 great forums owned by David with excellent material to help you succeed

3. You have a very knowledgeable crowd thats helpful and successful

To the owner(s) of this site Im not marketing anything but merely sharing valuable info to the benefit of the people. Like all such forums its only as great as the members would want it to be. Its all ours to decide. Btw I chose roulette. Cheers!


can you provide the adresse of the site talkin about binary

Mr J

Sure he can, via a PM.



Ok, I must make one more point-

I read in one of Lanky's posts that the 6 point divisor is a great MM system, but must be used with a good Bet Selection.
Now, I have come to the conclusion that ALL bet selection is the same.
Obviously, a single number bet will give less wins, but higher wins, than an Even Chance bet.
But taken as an average, it will be the same.
And whichever way you configure your Even Chance bet, streets, splits, high/low whatever, your EV in the long run will be the same.
So, could anyone tell me how they would claim a particular bet selection to be better than another?
Much appreciated!



I read one of Lanky's posts in which he said about 6 wins in 100 should show profit. Surely not!?
Did he mean 6 wins in a row at some point is needed for profit of 6 units?
Anyone here use the system and can tell me how they get on, ie, was thinking of stopping after any profit.
Has anyone used it this way and ever get into a large drawdown, or use a particular stop-loss?
Maybe we can work on this! As it does seem to be a well-regarded strategy already.



if the divisor system has a bad run, and we are in a situation of a high target and low divisor, there is an idea to increase both by 6.
Anyone know if it is ok to increase both by any number, eg if we are at   20 / 2  we could increase both by 4, to give  24 / 6.

Anyone interested in discussing the divisor idea?

mr green


This system im about to explain is something that I came across while working on a unique numbers system it does use previous results so this isnt exactly what you mentioned in the first post.

Very simple track the results until you have 3 unique numbers, then bet these three numbers if a loss you will have 4 unique numbers bet these four unique numbers if another loss you will have 5 unique numbers bet these five unique numbers if a loss stop and carry on tracking for another fresh 3 unique numbers.

My testing was done awhile ago flat betting and showed amazing profit over long playing time.

Must carry on using every result never take breaks keep in wit the rythem of the results.

Please test on live wheel results only

Any questions dont hesitate to ask thanks.


QuoteHi All!

After reading many ideas for systems on this forum, I am trying to devise the optimum system.

I think that if we can agree on a few basic points, this will become easier.

1. Can we all agree that past results are of no influence? Even when considering the Law of the Third?
    I think the most experienced players can agree on this.

2. Most experienced players seem to say that flat-betting is the only way to bet. Can we all agree that even a short
    progression is a no-go.

3. Each spin has a chance of losing. We need a stop-loss, but one that ensures that, on average, the amount we win will be
    greater than that lost on a losing streak before our stop-loss.

4. If we agree on the above, then we need to devise a system where we flat-bet, using only money management as a 'tool'
    for winning.

    Would be very interested in any comments, so we might get together to devise this 'Optimum System.'


1. Yes totally agree.

2. Flat betting is actually good to last. But it is just in order to play for a long time and to win peanuts. Same about negative progression. The only progression that can give you enough money to stop one day is a positive progression.

3. Either you'll be lucky quickly or you'll struggle so with a negative edge, i'd take short bankroll

My system would be to simulate 6 players with pre-selection, use a 3 steps negative progression on EC to win one chip, then use this chip as a positive progression. I can give an example if you're interested.