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Started by palestis, June 30, 2014, 11:24:08 PM

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 There is a great controversy about randomness and independence of the roulette wheel. Arguments and counterarguments will  be going on for ever.
So lets forget for a minute about what the wheel does. Instead, lets concentrate on what the player does. Specifically lets concentrate on making a totally random bet, and see how many spins it would take  for the wheel to predict our selection.
1. As a first example pick a dozen or column randomly, (in your mind, as opposed to an actual money bet), and see what the wheel will bring. (either from an online casino with play money, or data you have already recorded.  Keep mind-betting a dozen or column ( not the same one all the time, you may change it as you like each time), notice the numbers of spins it will take to make a hit.
How many spins it would take for the wheel to guess your random dozen bet? Can you lose 10 times, 15 times, 20 times in a row? When your PURE CHANCES are about 33%? Try it and you will be surprised.
2. Make an even money bet and change it in every spin. B R, O E,  H L. See how many spins it would take for the wheel to predict your 50% chance random bet.
3. Try it with 3 random corner bets, (12 numbers, every corner bet in its dozen), and change them after every spin. Again see if you can lose 8 times in a row. 4. Try it with 10 random numbers and change them around after every spin.  etc etc etc. Any random selection of your choice.
My point is that you will notice a limit of spins , before the wheel will be forced to predict your random selection. That limit depends of course on how many numbers you bet. In any form. Group, like a dozen,  or individually. The surprise is that this limit is not very far. It will be close enough to the PURE CHANCE of your random bets. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later than the pure chance dictates. But never in a losing streak that would be disastrous if you played it with real money
. With that in mind and in conjunction with VIRTUAL LOSSES, maybe you can devise a system that can come to as perfect as it can be.
Personally I have tested 3 random corner bets for 4 years, and found that 90% of the time this random bet does not exceed 8 spins to show up, and 97% of the time, does not go over 11 spins without showing up. Needless to say that most of the time a number in the three corner bet will show up before 5 spins.
The logic behind such system, is that your bets are totally random and totally independent from each other, and match equally the alleged randomness and independence of the wheel. And the "gambler's fallacy" (if it's true), definitely does not apply here. And with the added advantage of the VIRTUAL LOSSES, (which by the way statistically count), you can  save money that would otherwise be lost if there was no hit within the first few spins.