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[LONG] Beating RNG ! Read all and post thoughts / Need programmers researchers

Started by floatAI, August 05, 2014, 11:27:11 AM

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Hello, I will start with intro I've been playing on few online casinos and I got some information for you all who is willing to beat roulette online.

Listen Online roulette tables are not so random as may you think who ever thinks they are truly random please ! They aren't i they are pattern like ! [ I will get to this in later points follow me]

1. Don't get too greedy !!!!!!!!!!!!
[Never for f**k sake, this what gets you burned you get lucky one day ? good next day you will lose double or ALL]

2. Never bet more than 10% of all your bankroll ! NEVER !!
[There will be moment when you are out of concentration or just a small mistake and you're going down make that moment so that you will lose not all your bankroll]

3. Don't play table more than 15-30minutes !
[Just don't play for longer because software algorithm is beating you not the wrong bet or incorrect strategy/game plan]

4. Switch game play ! change strategies mix them up i don't care make sure you got 3-4 betting patterns strategies in your pocket. [This is very important sometimes you won in one day 300$ in 20minutes next day you loose all in 5minutes by betting same pattern again]

^ That is  basically all  what you need to know to beat online roulette ! win with black/red  odd/even numbers whatever your strategy is just follow up those 4 points ! I will give two examples for you all they either way one of them i get on all online casinos 100% of time.

1. RNG with implemented pattern style - if possible i open as many tables as i can to see this method and i do free spins [i got c++ bot who spins wheels and collects data to poverty .xls file ;) it's time consuming sometimes to collect all data thats why i sometimes use bot on different casinos just to test before real play] i do this with my real money account so no play money stuff.
When i bet couple of hundred times i see pattern layout on ALL tables no matter how many they are there are patterns for people who bet martingale on one color or odds doesn't matter algorithm is designed like that no strategy can beat this when people are playing they WILL win 60% of time pattern wise BUT when you get in that BAD sector which is against you it's game over you have to know when to stop !

How to beat this ? = fairly simple Play session no longer than 15~ minutes play on table where you see patterns are in your favor this means if you are betting one color with martingale wait a few rows of long red's / blacks around 10~ should be enough when you see one color for 10 times bet other one works 90% of time 10% is if 0 comes in play and if there is more of that color following lets say 5 in row then i just quit table and all.


2. RNG with implemented play directly against you ! 
Yes believe or not there is casinos where you play and it seems random numbers are generated but when you start to bet you get so unlucky ;) !  2 examples - 1. I was betting style 1 bet on all numbers and i just - 1 number each time.. so i'm betting it goes fine 1$ bet here and there won around 8$ in 5minutes so i quit the  table. Open up other table same game and bet all numbers except one - guess what number came up ! YES that one what i wasn't betted on  so i think this lets try again on the same table i switch up number and uncover other number and put bet on number where did i lost my money and boom again spins on number which wasn't uncovered ! Well that ended my session for that day.
2. example I played martingale for 50~ minutes and all was good i'm +120$ and for that greed i keep on playing and boom 18Red in a fu***** row came up 1$ bet's i should have a bankroll of 130K to pull that off and i would won 1$ in return my point i was playing too long RNG against your bets took over and i lost !

How to beat this ? = Well it's truly a tricky one I'm half way there lets say so.. if i use all 4 rules what i described in beginning i would live but sooner or later roulette would crush me sometimes you need to do "stupid betting" i can't expose the betting pattern for this method but lets say if you got 6 Blacks in row and you bet 1$ on same Black and 3$ on Red and so double up ! few times now i don't think all will understand but those who DO   will get my point ! how things work ! i'm still working out my betting pattern algorithm in c++ and i would like to share when it will be more Up to date lets say so ;) !

Now please all who read all this stuff share your opinion on this give critique on this i don't care i'm looking for people who can contribute to my post give more points 5,6,7,8 to my 4 and we have a good chance.

Im IT student [ do programming], but now this roulette RNG has taken my free time for few month's so i try to contribute to vlsroulette community !

BTW whoever think online roulette number/outcome is where that white ball stop YOU ARE WRONG ! when you press the button ball's destination is already picked up at press moment  so that animation is worthless !
Reversing some casino software and i was able to make my numbers appear in real account !! and i got money added ! 100% serious !! but of course client side != server side ;D

Maybe here are programmers researchers who wanna dig deeper let's share ! right now i'm working to strip down few protocols ;)


Just posting this to tell I met this guy at Argosy here in Kansas City. He told me his name was know when to quit. He handed me a piece of paper with this website on it and to tell what i saw. Looks like he cleared 600 in about 30 minutes then he left.



Hi Steve welcome to the forum.

Good to hear from one of my favourite posters on here.I re-read a lot of his old stuff all the time. His results seem to stack up with the way he used to play so sounds genuine to me. Shame he doesn't post any more. If you do come across him again , ask him to drop by on here.



i know that bro,,i numbers show firat before it landing,,for couple months i try to tricky the result from request to response...but nothing happen...its hard realy hard maybe im not programer just script kiddies