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Started by kiwibetter, June 27, 2015, 08:08:06 AM

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Hi Guys,

I had this idea this afternoon and wanted to share.. please, i am still a newbie.. i have only really been studying and playing roulette for a few months now. So i am sure this exact method exists in some form so please don't be too rude if you think i am being stupid here :P

I use the streets (3 line numbers) to play this method. With 12 streets available. I use 11.
I wait for a spin to land, and i bet on the other 11 streets available.. My starting bet is maybe 3 units. So a total bet here is 33 units. You cover 33/37 of the board. Most of the time it will land on your numbers and you win 3 units. Since you are betting on so many numbers.. the progression here is a bit ridiculous. So i use 2 bets to cover a loss. Once i strike a loss i retrieve by winning the following 2 bets.
I lose my first bet and i am 33 units down.. in a normal progression you would bet 33 units on each street (363) but you can see how this can get out of hand very quickly.. so my first bet after the loss might be.. 18 units on 11 streets. I would also now cover the 0. Assuming i win, i would bet the same unit bet again. Once i win 2 in a row i have recovered.

Maybe this is just crazy and i am being stupid to even think of it. I played for about 45mins just now online against a live dealer and won 300units. I never once lost more than 1 in a row. I was always able  to recover and continue. Of course its a risky strategy and you have to be prepared to lose a decent amount. What are your thoughts? Perhaps this method is common already or there are tweaks we can make to make it even more solid.



Works fantastic. Until a street repeats 3 times in a row


I agree with richbailey86

fabulous idea, until you get a run in the same avenue(street)

This idea, of betting on all but one of the streets (11 street bet) is the
type of built-in format most Roulette Robots use in their arsenal.
Works fine until........
There is a better technique with Double Streets (Lines we call them....6 numbers covered)
but after exhaustive testing, it always comes out a long term loser...like most "Fixed/Mechanical" systems.