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Started by yurito, October 03, 2015, 04:40:09 PM

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Hi Guys,

Do you know if this has been already requested? if not, can any of the coders develop it? Basically an app for windows that tracks wins and losses with any desired progression for single numbers, splits, corners and streets.. with the option to select or deselect number, or numbers or split, splits or a combination of those, and keep track of every win and loss and tell how much to bet on next spin to be at least +1 in profit.. ex: betting numbers 1.5.16 also splits 15/18 and 4/7 and 10/11, and bet another group of numbers for example 7.8.9 or etc.. and keep a separate progression for each group..

Let me know or ctc me pls..



thanks for the input guys, nice work