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an aussie in vegas

Started by big money, March 15, 2016, 08:22:53 AM

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big money

i stayed at the golden nugget for ten nights in oct 2015
i play roulette theres only one euro wheel in vegas  thats
at the mgm and $25 minimum  the other roulette wheels in vegas arent worth playing
i won just putting $5 on the 11 streets  and won about $600 per .session
they comped me a vip every session i played ..so thats was great
just moving the bets around on different streets ...all in all vegas rock for a place to holiday only averaged about three hours sleep a night they have two frieght trains that come in at 11 and about 1 am
the golden nugget was a great place to stap it has a waterslide that goes through a shark tank thats awesome


$5 on 11 streets

winning $600 per session


thats actually incredible...no 0s?

how did you pull this off? explain

big money

well look at my first post i move the streets i was betting on a few 0,00 did come in i also chipped up at different times ..lady luck & the croupier were in my corner i assume


the way i see it is this, if you bet 11 streets, once you reach 12 units profit, you are ahead of the game....if you get to that point keep going because then after a loss you are still ahead

past posters such as GLC have touched on 11 streets.....risk vs return is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYY out of balance,,,but once you get to a certain point very good

i remember a time when i thought to myself: "one spin a day, $100 on 11 streets, once a day only"

how u turned $5 units into a $600 profit is extreme luck...on a loss the progression would be too intense so we have to play flat