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Practical Money management by RouletteRoy
April 16, 2016, 05:23:16 PM
Dear All

Just to share and help gambling of roulette out of dark cloud and have a shining day . For the air ball machine

Basic theory is simple
The main objective of money management should aim to preserve our hard earn cash in hand , break even is much more better than $1 lost

2 rule is to raise up the capital in hand as possible

3 the winning must be good enough to be hit and run

4 the lost should be not bad enough to lost all capital in one bet (mad bet ")

5 always look at the balance sheet ,Every spin !!!too many bankrupt because only check balance sheet at last spin
The money we bring to casino and the current balance on board , are we overall in lost or in profit

6. Don't bet too small , or too even return % that too small and need many continue win to break even , which is very hard or very impossible coward is better get ride of bet table , but blind braver is also like digging a grave yard , guide line for hit and run is , one win hit should get back all money invested so far and turn point to break even or profit situation

Think of defensive castle only can own one city even win,only attacker can conquer new found land

One who bring 600$ to bet , the balance is 500$ , net lost of 100$ , if bet 45 $ per sound and each win maximum make to 536$ or 540$ result , this is betting too small , and need continue 2-3 time to achieve 600$  , so need to increase bet on some number that if hit , total result become 600$ ++ always aim and place bet possible to achieve positive balance in one spin, give yourself some chances , recommend 3-6-12 number that is life saver

7 if win , reset the base point , is like a climbing leader , we need to climb up , clim up 3 step and fall down 1-2 step we are at positive from last base point , but fall back 3 step is break even , fall more is negative or lost , so bet with risk of possible fall down to 3 step maximum

8 set win target , every section sure have win and lost , focus on realistic target , 10-30% of capital bring is ok
Bring 300$ target 30$-90$ is ok ,target 3000$ with 300$ is a no no
Ship tipping before float

9 trick of machine , facing continue lost ? Go toilet , stop that table , get fresh air , some table is forever lost , change new table is only solution

10 facing lost no Mather what table change , stop using the member card which track and killing missile is aimed

11 continue lose because predict wrong , pattern change ? Then don't predict at all , play blind and hit with money hit and run system ,make machine crazy too

12 pattern ? Ok this is hot topic and no simple answer
Can be purely hot number
Can be purely hot zone
Can be purely new cool number
Can be purely sequence of function
Can be one hot number , can be 2 and more
Can be one hot zone can be 2 and normally 2 main 2 minor zone

Can be big range zone more than 6 number or less range zone 3 number

Can be same formula but clock wise of counter clock wise

What ever it be , bet all 37 number , at least one chip per number ,half bet split bet alway create unwanted lost ,as it open frequently ,in short, any bad day , get back 75% bet money , and good day get 200-300% bet money that enough to break even or profit with some potential 1 hit break even
Total bet 100$ ,minimum return 75$, maximum return 200$-300$

Why ppl lost , sturburnly believe 1-2 number is due , which may not happen for 100 spin
So try bet them in zone of 5-6 Number
Ppl also lost because afraid lost money earning 2-3 $ per spin maximum is bad
Enjoy loosing enjoy winning

At last and most important , cash out at first hit and break even spin stop play for that casino for that day