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My experience with various casinos and reviews

Started by tacticalsquirrel, May 17, 2016, 08:06:19 PM

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From what I've seen there is no foolproof strategy, you can win 1000x and the 1001th time you will lose, and usually lose hard. Online casinos imo all have different tolerances in terms of how much you can win before you're noticed. If you play in moderation, and aim to win $50/casino a day, it is quite possible you will never lose provided you have a decent strategy. It is when you play in excess that you will surely have problems. However with some casinos, even after winning excessively, if you take a break for several months, they will "forget" about you, some won't however. I'm going to rate the casinos I've played at so far from best to worst:

1. 888casino-Best casino ever, I managed to make it to around 25,000 in my account over the course of 3 weeks before my strategy went kaboom. I still managed to walk away with close to 20,000. Not bad. After several weeks, I managed to make another 20,000 before it went splat and I walked away with 12,000. They are incredibly tolerant, if you have a decent bankroll and a good strategy and don't play excessively, you should be fine. Fairness rating 9/10

2. Betway-If you have a decent strategy, and don't aim for more than $200/day, you should have no problems. I once made $8000 profit with them in less than a week before they started to take action, I still managed to withdraw $6000 from them before taking several months off. I recently made another $2000 profit with them over the course of 2 weeks, I haven't seen too much of a change in the roulette wheel's patterns. Fairness rating 8/10.

The previous 2 I recommend. The next 2 stay far away from, seriously. Like really far.

Betvoyager-Deposited 100 euro, stupidly took bonus. Got all the way to 5000 euro, without finishing the wagering requirement. All of a sudden, kaboom. Deposited another 400 euro, lost it all. Unfortunately, once you are marked at bv, you stay marked forever. Even if you aim for $50/day, they will take care of you after a few days. Fairness rating 2/10.

Bet365-The worst of the worst. If you want to lose your money go to bet365, how people still deposit money there is beyond me. Lost about $2000, having deposited $1000 2x. The first time, I managed to get to $1500 in 1 day. The staff will usually offer you some sort of bonus at 1 point or another during your gaming session. That's a sign you've been noticed and a loss is imminent. 2nd time, I lost after a $50 profit. Fairness rating 1/10.

If anybody has anything to say, please let me know.


Great Post tacticalsquirrel.

Which strategy you been playing at 888 casino.



Thanks tacticalsquirrel, I agree in full on Betvoyager and Bet365, they both should be avoided.

I have had good experisnces with Betsson - I have been a able to withdraw over â,¬20,000 a few times and still play live Roulette and Blackjack there without incident.  Very busy sometimes and hard to get on the tables.  Betvictor is another that I have had a good run on.  Omni is the only RNG casino that I trust.



Just remember no strategy is foolproof unfortunately and if the casino takes notice of you and wants to stop you, they can and they will. 888casino seems to be lenient, you really have to abuse it before they shut you down. For 888casino, I always used the low stakes roulette option, spread is $.5-$100 for straight up bets, $300 table max. The high stakes one was too scary to use ($5-$2000). Several strategies have worked pretty well in my favor.:

1. Spinning the wheel 100x and whatever numbers remained, I would bet on them using a progressive system. The system was as follows: $.5 (per number)x8, $1x4, 1.5x4, 2.5x4, 4x4, 6.5x4, 10.5x4, 17x4, 27.5x, 44.5x4, 72x4. The amount of numbers that were unhit didn't matter as the overall goal was to get to a point where every number was hit except for 2. I spent many hours in the simulator which I found to be pretty accurate, by the 100th spin, there will still be 3-6 numbers usually which did not hit. By the 150th spin, only 1 number at most was unhit, however I have encountered a simulation where it took 350 spins before the last number hit (so don't aim for every number to be hit). With this system you give yourself a margin of error because you will not be betting until only one remains unhit but 2 numbers. Prior to them noticing me, usually by the 120-140th spin, there would be only 2 numbers left.

2. Betting on unhit streets, splits. This worked pretty well for a while, I would spin the wheel about 30 before betting on unhit streets and I would use a system similar to the one already mentioned (Fibonacci betting on each sequence 4x). This is a little riskier since 3 of the last few unhit numbers could all belong to the same street, using this system you would have until the 90th spin for the street to come up. Most of the time, the last street would come up between the 40th and 70th spin, very few times it would come up before the 30th spin or after the 80th spin. Unfortunately, once it took 110 spins for a street to hit. Same idea for the unhit split (I would spin about 45 times, before I would bet on unhit splits). Using a similar progressive system (Fibonacci betting on each sequence 6x). Typically they will all hit by the 70th-100th spin. Once however, it took 140 spins for the last split to come up, I ended up losing a bit on that sequence (I kept betting even after the 135th spin).

Those are pretty much the only strategies I used. If you have a decent bankroll and don't abuse the casino, you should be fine. If you have your own strategies, feel free to use the simulator. I found it to be pretty accurate pre-abuse.


Time to add to the list:

OLG Casino (only available to those who reside in Ontario)-I found it to pretty fair at first. If you play reasonably with a decent strategy, you should be able to rack a few $. Main downside is that there are no free spins. Fairness rating: 5/10

Mansion Casino-To be fair I only deposited $100 so my bankroll wasn't too large. However, prior to signing up in the trial mode, I was led to believe the spread began at 1 cent. Upon signing up, the 1 cent was graded out and it began at $1, there are also no free spins. Spinning the wheel without placing a bet will result in a system error. I don't know how fair the system is overall since I didn't stick around after losing my deposit. Their deception alone was enough of a red flag.  :nono: Fairness rating: 1/10

Thrills Casino-I lost pretty quickly, thank god I only deposited 100 euro; I played at the .1-50 euro low stakes roulette table. My main beef with them is the horrible spread. (straight bet spread is .1-1 euro dollar which defeats the purpose of using a progressive system). I also got a few questionable results, the half of the wheel away from the zero came up 12 times in a row the very first time when I decided to bet on the half with the zero after 6 free spins  ::). After that, it didn't happen for whatever reason  ;). I will only be logging in again tomorrow to claim my free spins, after I lose whatever I gain there, I won't be going on there again. Fairness rating: 1/10