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Can you stop gamble for the day when win ?

Started by RouletteRoy, May 29, 2016, 02:18:43 PM

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How many time you win for the days, then play again and lose all win or worse lost the money bring to casino ?

Casino play loud and fast music
to make you bet big and fast and carelessly

also having some activity in the hall, to distract concentration.,

And we are visualised blur.

to avoid this

Get a paper
write with RED color pen
How much you bring.,
Current total is profit or lost.
How much win will be a break even

Write in red color as we more aaware of this.

Once the target or already make some profit for the day,.

Set the ladder limit to reserve


Bring 300$
Win and become 450$

Then set new bring home target to 420$

if win again, continue playing.

If lost and close to 420$
stop and go back
enjoy the 120$ of the day

very very important to write down how much bring
and even can break a few spin not bet to focus and look at this result sheet.

this guide us play more less emotionally

try it

if music too loud, too fast
stop bet
if too hot unable to think clearly stop bet

if heart beat very very fast, stop bet

small win is somehow better than no win due to play too many time.
Why Stop Gambling After a Lucky Win?
A lucky win can make it hard to stop gambling for the night, which is one of the most effective "rigged games" in any casino. Read on to learn why most people gamble away the profits from a lucky win, and how you can avoid this trap. If you stop gambling after a lucky win, you'll feel great the next day when you can wake up to full pockets, a champagne brunch, and the knowledge that you beat one of the biggest tricks in the casino! It's statistically smarter to just walk away after a lucky win, but it isn't always easy to turn your back on what feels like a "lucky streak." With the help of this article, you can stop gambling after a lucky win so that you can maximize your gambling profits and minimize your losses by, literally, quitting while you're ahead. Read on to learn why it's smart to stop gambling, how the casinos try to stop you, and how you can overcome their tricks so that you can keep a cool head, and keep the loot after a lucky win.

Why Quit After A Lucky Win?
If you can stop gambling right after a lucky win, you'll walk out of the casino with your pockets crammed with cash. If you keep gambling in an attempt to enlarge your winnings, statistics show that you're likely to lose what you've won, and then some! After a lucky win, your attitude changes and you expect to do better at the tables than you realistically will. This means you're less likely to play smart. You'll risk more money and win less, and walk home with your pockets empty. Almost everybody who gambles wins sometimes- that's why it's fun! -but few people, even people who've had a big win, walk out of a casino with more money than they came in with. The casinos count on the fact that most of their patrons will gamble away anything they win, but you can beat that trick if you stop gambling after a lucky win!
So, Why Don't People Quit While They're Ahead?
If it's so smart to stop after a lucky win, why do so many people keep playing and blow through their winnings almost immediately? There are two main reasons: they're successfully manipulated by the gambling atmosphere, or they think they're too lucky not to win again. The gambling atmosphere is created with the goal of disorienting people. Add to this the emotional intoxication that comes with feeling supernaturally blessed after a lucky win, and you've got a recipe that makes it very difficult to stop gambling! Read on to learn the details of how the gambling situation manipulates you through disorientation, and how to beat it. The better you know the tricks of the trade, the more likely you'll be to beat them, stop gambling, and walk away with the earnings from your lucky win.
What Can You Do To Stay Smart And Beat Disorienation?
The casino atmosphere is designed to make you lose touch with the outside world so that you are only thinking about the games. In a casino, all the normal triggers that keep us grounded, from the movement of sunlight to the look and feel of real money, are replaced by artificial versions. The combination of free drinks, artificially stagnant lighting, temperature, and sounds, plus counterintuitive, labyrinth-like architecture creates an overall atmosphere that makes people lose track of time so that they don't stop gambling for hours and hours. That way, players forget about the financial reality of what they're doing, and focus completely on winning the games. In this situation, it is hard to stop gambling, because you'll literally forget that you're supposed to, or why. The only way to fight the strong pull of the gambling atmosphere is to create your own "grounding" triggers. For example, make a habit of heading for the bathroom every forty minutes, regardless of whether you have to go or not. Or, every time you have a lucky win, stop gambling for an hour. If you can build your own stable routines with these kinds of habits, you won't fall prey to the manipulations of the casino.



Hi Next year

The first part yes
I was accidentally realize I was able to plug out from sit when win unbelievable just with a small paper with red ink mention the money in

The bring back target should write on paper

To guide us back home in the dark

The second part is professional neuro research linking to this bad habit that cause lost

Scientifically and psychological and biologically explain why this happen as a trap from Casino or the game

Help us understand what we are doing then manage it with conscious

Purpose is simple

Leaving casino when win

Bring 300, win to 450$ , set bring back target 420$ write on paper

Then control the bet with worst scenario to lost maximum 20 $ to drop to 420$ if that happen stop and bring back 420$

450$ point , if reserve is 430$
Then the maximum potential lost is20
Can be 2 method

Play maximum 20$ on following spin and bet some number some number not bet
If number not bet hit then lost 20$

Or bet more than 20$but with minimum win back are equivalence to keep the balance of 430$

For example , bet all 37 number with split , some number more , so the base point is now 18$ return . So can bet 20+18$ =38$ per spin

From 450$ stake out 38$
Any number come out we sure get back 430$ lost in under acceptable estimation



To stop playing roulette or any other gambling game when you've just withdrawn big money from a casino is very difficult psychologically. You're confident that you've finally ridden the wave of good fortune, and now only success lies ahead of you. But that's not true, and it's this psychological trap that allows casinos to prosper.