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Are Auto Roulettes rigged?
June 30, 2016, 08:47:16 PM
I know I'm going to sound paranoid but paranoids can be right. So until recently I've only been playing RNGs. But I decided to have a go at Betways' auto-roulette table starting at 10 cents per bet. At the beginning everything was going well and it seemed very fine. I've been playing for a few days and the more money, the more I have to wait to start betting (I bet on sectors that haven't hit in a long time) and the more I have to go up the progression chart. For example: voisins at the beginning usually hit within 6-7 spins at most at the beginning, orphelins something like 16-20, tiers 12-15. Now it's something like 9-11 for voisins, 20-26 for orphelins and 16-19 for tiers. This is very similar to what happens in RNGs in my experience. My theory is the auto roulette is really a computer and hands out different numbers to everyone. I tried to confirm with other players but nobody would talk to me in the chat. That's the extreme theory. The more common one is they track who has won the most recently and look at their betting patterns and whenever they sit and the table they start to put in some weird patterns cause this stuff is only happening when I come in. I've even looked at the past 500 spins several times. Anybody feel the same way?


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Re: Are Auto Roulettes rigged? +1
July 02, 2016, 02:22:36 PM
TSQ - Paranoids in this case are RIGHT. All non dealer games are rigged & it's all legal. This was a big forum topic a few years ago & I spent lots of hours on gaming authority sites gathering information.

Terms of RNG & EGM's = Random Number Generator & Electronic Gaming Machines all go together under casino gaming rules in EVERY casino country in the World.

RIGGED/CHEATING EGM's have different classes & the big one being Slots/Poker Machines. Then all the others you see in casinos both in live chip joints & on line. These in the main are RNG animated roulette, AIRBALL/SLINGSHOT ELECTRONIC wheels, RNG card games, Sic Bo, Keno, Animated Horse & Dog Racing, Dice Games & others I may not remember at the moment.

To comply all the game is required to do LONG TERM is to return to the players the PRESET %. EG say 95 % (% returns will vary depending on the casino & country of operation). Originally I thought a LONG TERM audit would be once per month but NOT SO.
It's ONLY ONCE PER YEAR to coincide with tax returns.

They, the casino's & Gaming Authorities don't care about a players spike in losses. The gaming machine will always LONG TERM comply with the payout % as that's what the game program is set to do. Many a distressed player has complained to the Gaming Authority (GA) of cheating (see cases on Casino Meister Forum) when they have seen their game stake take a hammering. All the GA does is check the last audit & as the game will have passed the assessment then all the GA can tell the player is that the machine complies with the regulations & is therefore legal, so nil action can be taken.

Morally it sucks & a player needs to be fully aware as in EYES WIDE OPEN.

On Airball the spin results aren't true random like a dealer spun wheel. The suck in is that they fool players into thinking they are fair when in fact they cheat. The other big SUCK IN is very low minimum bets compared to real chip casino amounts. Certainly some players win nice fat amounts at times. Such as a player nearby might win a few thousand while you see your stake getting smaller & smaller as your losses far exceed your wins. The game program is very sophisticated to mix up the results & so MASK the total profits. No player can really tell as they aren't there 24/7 & you mostly don't know how the other players are betting & what their stake is ?

For a sobering insight into airball wheels go to wheel maker's (UK) site Cammergh. They are a big supplier to many casino's around the World. They are quite open about their cheating wheels. Spend a little time there looking at their PRODUCTS, in particular their RRS 360 model & the Slingshot ones too. RRs = Random Rotor Speed = speed it up or slow it down with ultra fine servo motor.
Also they mention they have fine AIR JET HOLES in the ball track which seems to allow hitting any number the program chooses ?
While they don't fully EXPLAIN certain facts it's not too difficult to JOIN THE DOTS by using a little logic & common sense. They also have a short video of cheating spins.

Even if they can't hit a particular number ?, they can certainly ZONE the ball away from high payout bets. If Cammergh does it so do other wheel makers. Probably not the exact same way due to patents but be assured they will have cheating technology in one form or another as that's what casino's demand = No Cheating then no BUY.

regards - ausguy (Hugh).     


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Re: Are Auto Roulettes rigged?
November 24, 2016, 12:44:58 PM
I believe they aren't rigged. If they were, somebody smarter than me would already have found out :)


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Re: Are Auto Roulettes rigged?
November 25, 2016, 12:48:48 AM
Yes, live auto roulette  and Rng roulette are 100% rigged. People who can't believe it are just so stupid. Go play roulette in a real casino where the min and max bets are close to each other. Then, play rng roulette or live auto roulette with progressive bet and starting bet at 10 cents. You will see immediately that it is rigged. And I complained to several casino. Everytime, answer is the same, your ratio between win and loss is at 95% and it is what we are expecting. Well, by playing progressive bets, your expecting ratio is always more than 100% and you will figure out that if you don't want to lose to much money, you have to limit yourself at 95%... Smart, if you play straight bets, you will always lose progressively and there is no way to prove it is abnormal as they make believe it is because of the house edge. The truth, house edge is ridiculously small on roulette, so far from the minimum 20% on sport bets. And in sports, the odds are adjusted so they will win minimum 20% at every single bets.... At the roulette, if 10 people bet on 11 and only one person bet at each other numbers, odds are the same. So, if 11 comes out, the casino lose money.


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Re: Are Auto Roulettes rigged?
September 08, 2018, 09:31:33 AM
Hello guys, I was reading your conversations about RNG and noticed that some great Roulette players here actually believes that the Electronics air brush roulette have RNGs while the dealer wheel roulette do not and are preaching that the dealer roulette are safer to play. I am here to challenge that notion and announce to you that both roulettes have RNGs. I know this from my years of data collecting before playing. I prefer playing the electronics roulette but before I play I always collect the past play data of all the other 4 dealer machines including that of  the electronics one I intend to play on and analyze all to sieve out the affinities of these numbers to themselves for the moment. I donĀ“t ever play roulette without doing that, it gives me the confidence to bet high on some numbers and helps me a great deal in my predicatability.  Years of data collection has taught me a lot, it is that same number affinities going on in the electronics machine that goes on in the dealer wheel machine. Infact there was a day I was standing by a dealer wheel machine and saw a string of six numbers that played together at the electronics machine like 7 minutes ago expressing themselves together in the dealer wheel machine. I was blown away. These and more evidences abound. I have some data I can screen grab and show who wants to see. It is the same RNG generator these two types of machines are using, trust me.
   I have this other casino I go to that equally have the television roulette that has virtual on-the-screen wheel. As soon as I am walking into their door, I am data-grabbing any roulette data in that room knowing already that they are all coming from a central unit in the casino and that if 33,8,0 partners are flaring for that day that you will see them flowing together and connecting whether on the dealer wheel machine, electronics wheel machine or the on-the screen virtual wheel roulette. The dealer wheel roulette, Electronics wheel roulette, virtual on-the-screen wheel roulette are all using RNGs. I am wishing that these great noble members of this forum that have been in this thread in the past can return for us to look into what I am saying here. Playing the dealer wheel roulette does not protect you from the adjustability and other control measures the casinos use on the roulette machines sometimes to prevent customers from winning too much and putting them out of business.


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Re: Are Auto Roulettes rigged?
October 18, 2018, 03:58:05 PM
Auto Roulettes is rigged when it needed to and wanted to, but it just not do that all the time.

There is EMV circuit under each 37-38 pocket.

Ball are charged with + or -

Then all pocket are charge with same charge, only one pocket casino want the ball drop are negative charge .

so ball always go into the exact one pocket casino want it to.

why sometime win, when some one bet red 1000$ and you bet dark 1$ , then the dark is win.

This never money from casino, but just the wealthy big bet co better on same table.


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