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Now that I have your attention, let me share a funny story. For those unaware on betvoyager, they claim to be the fairest casino in the world and try and entice you by the extremely low bets needed to start playing and attractive spreads. The roulette tables are clearly rigged that much is certain so I thought I would try some other games a try but I'm not stupid enough to waste anymore substantial money on them. The nice thing about them is they offer a daily lottery draw (I have a feeling that's a lie) as I've won every time at the end of the month after creating my account each month with no exceptions, this having been the 3rd time. The amount varies on the player's status going from 50-15000 euro, I won 100. With that 100 you have the opportunity to play and make up to 100 euro real money and you only have to deposit 5 euro to be able to withdraw them after 30 days. After winning the 100 euro easily enough (part of the scam so they can get you deposit more after you lose) and depositing the 5 euro, I decided to try the equal odds wheel of fortune which is somewhat similar to roulette. I practiced several times on normal and had a pretty decent strategy worked out. Bottom line it busted within several spins on real mode. I even calculated the chances of it failing and it came about to 1 in 10,000 after 2-3 spins. From now on, I'll only play and withdraw the money, an extra 100 euro which is about $150 cad for me per month is a nice little bonus. Whoever says betvoyager is fair has been bought.


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