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Rng roulette rigged but there is worst

Started by ghost888, July 26, 2016, 10:45:51 PM

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Everybody knows that RNG roulette are cheating (people who tried to argue that RNG roulette are not rigged are just so stupid) but there is worst. OK,  it is inadmissible for famous online casinos like Bet365 to cheat with their RNG roulette but while their business is to make money, more and more money, the real question is: why RNG roulettes are allowed???? Why laws are in favour of casinos but not with people who won a lot of money in the casinos.  So, it is legal to lose a lot of money but illegal to win a lot of money????

RNG roulette are designed for people who like progressive bets. Progressive bets is mathematically the only way to beat real Roulette but it is not possible to do so with real roulettes due to the tight window of Bets (e.g. for a colour, bets can vary from 5$ to 25$). But with RNG roulette, you can find some of them with which you can bet from 10 cents to unlimited (like the one in bet365). So, for adept of progressive bets, it seems like a dream... except that they are cheating and you will lose 50 times in a row with bets for which you had theorically 50% chances of winning.