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Kenneth1.1-A Back-to-Back Even Chance Trigger System

Started by Proofreaders2K, August 12, 2016, 07:52:28 AM

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Procedure: Note the newest even
chance to hit back-to-back (your choice). 

Flat-bet that even chance continuously
until it loses once.  Restart Procedure.

Example: 20,3,2 (newest spin-value)

Bet Low continuously until it loses once.

Bankroll suggestion: five units per one unit base bet.

Win-Target: 2+ units


Test: Celtic Casino American Wheel-
Friday, August 12,2016 @ 5:55am CDT USA

...8,29,19 (newest spin-value)

Bet High:    1.) 30(win)+25               2.) 31(win)+25

3.) 33(win)+25                  4.) 8(x)-25

Waiting for new trigger...8*

Bet Low:    5.) 13(win)+25               6.) 18(win)+25

7.) 11(win)+25                  8.) 4(win)+25

9.) 6(win)+25                   10.) 3(win)+25

11.) 13(win)+25               12.) 8(win)+25

13.) 17(win)+25               14.) 8(win)+25

15.) 18(win)+25               16.) 9(win)+25

17.) 16(win)+25               18.) 29(x)-25


Although you got lucky to detect this one before it even started lol, but it is exactly that, follow the paterns on live roulette and you will win ;).