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DR7 method of play.
November 07, 2016, 10:48:47 AM
Hi guys, Im new here so first if all I'd like to say Hello everybody 😀

I would like to share with you my favorite and very easy way of playing.

The goal is to score two cosecutive spins and multiply your stake by ten. It is best to play this method on the wheel with live statistics. It goes like this:

We choose ten most frequent numbers according to stats. We place 1 unit on each number. Wheel spins. If we score then the winning is 36 units. Then we triple the bets, that means same ten numbers with 3 units each.  If we score again then we just made 108 units out out 10. You will be surprised how many times it comes up like this. I usually start with 100 units and trying this method 10 times. If I have scored at least two numbers one by one twice then I doubled my money.

Its very easy and cheap method of playing and usually it works, especially when there is tendency to repeat numbers.

Im sorry for my english but I hope you understand my message. If not, I'll be happy to explain that further.

Good luck to all of you 😀


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